Blog 5: Your vision of leadership

Together with Charlotte


Picture 1: Simon Sinek

According to Kouzes & Posner (2007), in this rapid changing and increasing competitive environment, leaders play an important role in sustaining the business by creating a value foundation to inspire people for adaption, change and development. Furthermore, in my blog 3, I had mentioned about the advantages of transformational leadership and I want to be led by that. However, at this stage in my studies of business and leadership, I still find transformational leadership which emphasizes on creating an inspiring vision is very effective, and I would like to practice that.

My vision of leadership is to be able to lead a group of people who share a same dream with me while working in my family-owned wholesale business. We are a support system and are equally passionate, highly competitive, energetic and trustworthy. Furthermore, Simon Sinek (See Picture 1) has inspired me a lot in becoming…

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