Ever heard about Svalbard Global Seed Vault?

Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the biggest and most secure seed bank in Norway.This bears ample testimony to the vision of the iconic botanist . agronomist , geneticist Nikolai Vavilov from the Soviet Union.

Vavilov had an infinite mindset that inspired his followers to follow his vision & just cause of creating a seed back for most common species of flora.This would be able to guard against futuristic famines in the event of any exceptional situations and circumstances.

This is mention worthy for the plain and simple fact that an Infinite mindset stands the test of time and transcends all barriers to come out beneficial for society at large.Vavilov and his followers played a stellar role in safeguarding the seed bank even during inhuman crisis and emergency situations during Nazi rule and seize of cities like Leningrad where people were made to lead inhuman lives out of starvation.

Simon Sinek salutes this very spirit of infinite mindset in his book titled “The Infinite Game”.

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