Why “Manipulation” works only in the SHORT TERM?

To get short term benefits and returns “Manipulation” and trickery by means of risk/reward behavior manipulation becomes the strategy of choice for most companies and marketers.

As with short cuts this has its own share of pitfalls in the long run.This is because NOT manipulation but INSPIRATION results in  loyalty which results in long term benefits.

Organizations who have STARTED with WHY and build customer loyalty for e.g. Walmart , Apple etc.  have struggled when their WHY went fuzzy due to the presence of a finite minded leaders.When this happens it becomes difficult to maintain the growth , loyalty and to inspire employees.

Time is witness that in order to bring such iconic companies back on track has needed an infinite minded leader back at the helm.Steve Jobs , Doug McMillon , Michael Dell the list goes on have returned to get their respective companies back on track by reviving the WHY.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why

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Tech geek , gourmet , preacher and seeker of motivation

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