The common thread that binds “Firefox” , “Wikipedia” ,”Linux”

All of “Firefox” , “Linux” , “Wikipedia” , “Apache” are open source platform where contributors freely collaborate and share their work with fellow enthusiasts with a JUST CAUSE in mind without expecting monetary benefits.

This is a classical example of how “Intrinsic Motivation” in the modern age makes money , rewards and the Carrot and Stick motivational method irrelevant.

Human bonds are natural to us as human beings and is the natural way our brain is oriented to arrive at fulfillment.

All these iconic entities have set an example and are live use cases why Daniel Pink’s Motivation 3.0 operating system is here to stay and is the way forward.

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive

Published by dipsviewpoints

Tech geek , food gourmet , preacher and seeker of motivation

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