Comparing Motivation 2.0 and Motivation 3.0

In this post I have tried to arrive at a synergy based on concepts provided by Daniel Pink in his book Drive and the concepts mentioned by Simon Sinek in his book The Infinite Game.

Motivation 2.0 or Carrot and Stick method of motivation was applicable in the era of Industrial Revolution based on finite mindset

Whereas Motivation 3.0 is applicable in the modern day of the knowledge worker based on intrinsic motivation related principles.

The table below outlines the most glaring differences and proves beyond doubt that Motivation 3.0 is adopted by infinite minded leaders in the infinite game of business.

Motivation 2.0 Motivation 3.0
Based on extrinsic motivation e.g Rewards Based on intrinsic motivation e.g. autonomy
Short term oriented Long term oriented
Result in Type X(extrinsic) personalities Results in long term mindset oriented Type I personalities
Does not apply in the modern day infinite game Is the best technique for the infinite game
Encourage narrow mindset , unethical behavior Encourage adopting infinite mindset and long term oriented mindset
Inherently stressful Inherently oriented towards fulfillment
Dopamine shot Stimulates flow of Oxytocin
Common for mundane , routine bound and “Left brain” oriented work Most applicable to encourage creativity , innovation associated with “right brain” oriented work

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