How Motivational Themes have evolved over time

To stimulate desired behavior in human , motivation is a key need.

Right from the caveman times to the modern age of drones , motivation has existed but evolved over ages.

During caveman times , the primary ask was to save lives from other stronger and deadly wild creatures.The Motivation 1.0 model was stimulated by the need to be safe and survive the test of time.

As human beings survived the test of time wherein other stronger species became extinct , came the need to improve our lives and standard of living.The Stone Age gave way to the Industrial Revolution wherein factories came into prominence.

The factory model though very effective for quote some point of time resulted in monotony due to dreary , dull and repetitive work.Hence the Motivation 2.0 was all about seeking compliance by means of Reward and Punish motivational techniques.

Now that we are in age of innovation and creativity more is need to use our Right Brain to innovate by the day.In such a context Motivation 3.0 has evolved which has “Intrinsic Motivation” at its very core.It goes by the assumption that self motivated people need autonomy and a sense of purpose to show their mastery so very needed in the modern day innovative work places.

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive

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