The “BIG FISH SMALL POND” phenomenon explained


Adopted from the following great insight shared by Malcolm Gladwell from the book David and Goliath

Those at the very top of the class—are going to face a burden that they would not face in a less competitive atmosphere.

Citizens of happy countries have higher suicide rates than citizens of unhappy countries, because they look at the smiling faces around them and the contrast is too great.

Students at “great” schools look at the brilliant students around them, and how do you think they feel?

The phenomenon of relative deprivation applied to education is called—appropriately enough—the “Big Fish–Little Pond Effect.

The more elite an educational institution is, the worse students feel about their own academic abilities.

Students who would be at the top of their class at a good school can easily fall to the bottom of a really good school.

Students who would feel that they…

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