How has the ABC of Selling changed over time?

During earlier times , in the absence of internet and data in public domain , information asymmetry presented numerous advantages to the SELLER over the BUYER.The ABC of Selling used to be “Always Be Closing” and it was an advantage to the seller.

In recent times due to the proliferation of internet and social media , it is now advantage to the BUYER.This is why effective SELLING demands 3 unique qualities from the SALESPERSON namely 1) Attunement 2) Buoyancy and 3) Clarity

Attunement to understand the buyer’s perspective , Buoyancy to remain afloat in spite of multiple rejections and Clarity to understand , comprehend and make meaning out of esoteric facts and information.

Daniel Pink has thus mentioned in his book “To Sell is Human” that the ABC of SELLING has indeed evolved over time.

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