The pitfalls of being “Charismatic”

Great leaders know that a strong charismatic personality can become a LIABILITY rather than an ASSET. The strength of CHARISMA in personality can sow the seeds of PROBLEMS when people FILTER the BRUTAL FACTS from the CHARISMATIC leader. A great charismatic leader is mindful of this fact and overcomes this by being consciously attentive. ThinkContinue reading “The pitfalls of being “Charismatic””

Why having a “Vision” alone is not sufficient?

Iconic companies have been driven by a vision but that alone has never been sufficient. There is nothing wrong in pursuing a VISION for greatness.Where iconic companies like SouthWest , Apple , Costco stand out from their peers is that these companies have continually refined the path to greatness by being willing and flexible toContinue reading “Why having a “Vision” alone is not sufficient?”

Energy vs Charisma , which inspires?

Energy can excite but charisma truly inspires people. A highly energetic person through his power of speech can convince an audience for some time , excitement can give rise to “dopamine” flow but the impact can never be long lasting. Take the case of Steve Ballmer and his energetic speeches.They were good for the momentContinue reading “Energy vs Charisma , which inspires?”

What happens when someone who knows “WHY” and another who knows “HOW” unite?

Historically a significant number of great organizations have been founded by partners who were close to one another , one of whom knew “WHY” to do it and another who knew “HOW” to do it. Walt Disney(WHY) and Roy Disney(HOW) were brothers. BillĀ  Gates(WHY) and Paul Allen(HOW) of Microsoft went to high school together. HerbContinue reading “What happens when someone who knows “WHY” and another who knows “HOW” unite?”

Of Great Organizations whose “WHY” went fuzzy at some point of time

Great Organizations led by revolutionary infinite minded leaders always “Start With Why”. Their communication is not only consistent but gives a clear sense of meaning to the customers which converts them into “loyal” customers. Great examples are Sam Walton’s Walmart , Steve Jobs’s Apple , Bill Gates’s Microsoft , Michael Dell’s Dell as well asContinue reading “Of Great Organizations whose “WHY” went fuzzy at some point of time”

What has the “Idea Diffusion Curve” to do with “Customer Loyalty”?

The Idea Diffusion Curve popularized by Everett Rogers is a bell curve with the following characteristics: First 2-3% towards the left consists of “Innovators“ Next 14% consists of “Early Adopters“ Next 34% consists of “Early Majority“ Next 34% consists of “Late Majority“ Finally the 16% consists of “Laggards“ Innovators and Early Adopters are those whoContinue reading “What has the “Idea Diffusion Curve” to do with “Customer Loyalty”?”

Why is “Emotional Quotient” more sought after?

In the modern day workplaces , emotional quotient(EQ) is a more sought after characteristic. This is because a trustworthy individual with high EQ forms the basic DNA of Trusting Teams which form the essence of innovation in the modern day workplace. Intelligence quotient(IQ) or self brilliance can be learnt but without trust cannot be relevantContinue reading “Why is “Emotional Quotient” more sought after?”

The Four Central Themes of “Fish Philosophy”

The Fish philosophy by Stephen Lundin highlights four key aspects that go into creation of a great work culture , that give rise to high performance teams. The four aspects are : Choose Your Attitude – Maintaining a positive attitude is the central theme of workplace happiness and energy Play – Doing work with passionContinue reading “The Four Central Themes of “Fish Philosophy””