Any game has these two components

Any game be it finite or infinite has the following two necessary conponents: 1) Resources & 2) Will By resources we mean the sum of all the financial metrics that contribute to the health of an organization.This is tangible & can mean PAT , stock price etc. By will we mean sum total of allContinue reading “Any game has these two components”

Larry Fink & Sense of Purpose

In 2018 , Larry Fink the CEO of BlackRock ,caused a bit of stir with his letter to CEO’s highlighting “Sense Of Purpose”. This shows the importance of a just cause and sense of purpose in any modern day business to make an organization relevant in the infinite game of business. Please find below theContinue reading “Larry Fink & Sense of Purpose”

Responsibility of every business

The three pillars that outline the responsibility of every business are: 1) Advance a just cause – Just cause should be advanced to make the cause of existence of the business bigger than itself.This can be achieved by giving a sense of belonging. 2) Protect the People – Unless the people feel safe they wouldContinue reading “Responsibility of every business”

How Milton Freidman’s “shareholder primacy” led to a finite mindset

In the 1970’s the Noble winning economist named Milton Freidman put forward his views around “shareholder supremacy” and changed the meaning of capitalism inside out. According to him a business and its owners should operate with the sole aim of making profit to maximise the value of its shareholders.The views expressed by the economist hasContinue reading “How Milton Freidman’s “shareholder primacy” led to a finite mindset”

Storytelling tips from “Long Story Short”

Some of the points I found very helpful from Margot Leitman’s Long Story Short. 1) There is no need to explicit explain the moral of your story to the audience 2) What is most important is that the story should move the audience 3) Trying to control audience reaction and feelings is impossible 4)It isContinue reading “Storytelling tips from “Long Story Short””

Storytelling tips for the day

The following tips from Margot Leitman , in storytelling , are the tips of the day.This is from the book titled “Long Story Short”. Importance of an universal theme – Unless Your Tale contains a Universal Theme , it is best left with your therapist or your best friend. Trick us into listening by makingContinue reading “Storytelling tips for the day”

Avoid fudging the truth in storytelling

The following should be avoided while telling a story.This is because the audience is intelligent enough to understand whether a speaker is lying or not. Margot Leitman points out the following as strict NO-NO while telling a story in her book titled “Long Story Short”. Modifying the plot Making up characters Altering the story’s emotionalContinue reading “Avoid fudging the truth in storytelling”

Watch out for Finite Mindset leaders & their messages

It is basic human nature that the order in which information is presented more often than not conveys priorities and strategies of a leader. Mike Duke who became the fourth CEO of Walmart was known for his finite mindset and his tenure from 2009 to 2013 was characterized by lack of trust and severe resentmentContinue reading “Watch out for Finite Mindset leaders & their messages”

The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s

The share prices and growth patterns of COSTCO and GE are really noteworthy. Jack Welch and his 6 sigma philosophy focused on optimization & short term gains always putting people priorities behind shareholder interests and profits. At the same time James Senegal of COSTCO always put his people first , knowing fully well that satisfiedContinue reading “The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s”

The role of a CVO in an infinite game

For playing the infinite game of business with an infinite mindset the modern day CEO needs to be a visionary putting people’s priorities first over bottom line ,stock markets etc. A finite mindset wherein bottom line , profit margins become the first priority over people issues , though successful in the short term can leadContinue reading “The role of a CVO in an infinite game”