How to train our brain to effectively “Multi-Task”

David Rock in his book Your Brain at Work, clearly explains the limitation of working memory capacity of the new rational human brain i.e. Prefrontal Cortex As a result of this trying to perform more than one conscious task at a time can be detrimental in terms of performance. Yet few people effectively multi task.TheyContinue reading “How to train our brain to effectively “Multi-Task””

How does “chunking” improve brain efficiency

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” states that smaller the information the prefontal cortex(processes thoughts , decisions etc.)is loaded with better the efficiency. Chunking of information into manageable pieces results in efficient brain processing with less energy drainage.

“Prioritize Prioritizing” for most efficient use of your brain

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” makes a mention of the fact that parts of the brain involved in thought related processing e.g problem solving , creativity make most use of energy e.g. glucose , oxygen. As a result of this “Prefrontal Cortex” involved with this function needs to be used optimallyContinue reading ““Prioritize Prioritizing” for most efficient use of your brain”

How about a “FedEx Day” every quarter

Dan Pink’s book “Drive” emphasizes the importance of “intrinsic motivation” for a modern day knowledge worker. He makes a mention of the iconic company named Atlassian(invented Jira ,Confluence etc. agile software lifecycle tools). To encourage creativity as a drive towards intrinsic motivation one day every quarter is celebrated as “FedEx Day” wherein anyone can developContinue reading “How about a “FedEx Day” every quarter”

Time to upgrade our “business operating system”

Dan Pink’s book named Drive explains in great depth the modern day motivational drivers. “Carrot & Stick” method that has worked as a short term driver in the factory age , needs to be replaced by the new age intrinsic motivation related drivers namely : “Autonomy” , “Mastery” & “Purpose”. There is indeed a needContinue reading “Time to upgrade our “business operating system””

“Mastery” – 3 principles

Attainment of “Mastery” is bound by the following three principles. Dan Pink’s book Drive makes a mention of the same. 1) Mastety is a “Mindset” – Continuity in excellence needs a learning mindset rather than a performane mindset 2) Mastery involves “Pain“- Excelling in a particular field needs a lot of personal sacrifices. 3) MasteryContinue reading ““Mastery” – 3 principles”

What is common among “Gmail” , “GoogleNews” & “PostIt notes”?

Google , 3M have been very well known for providjng a lot of autonomy to employees to showcase their creativity. In an effort to create a Result Oriented Work Environment(ROWE), it has historically provided employees a leeway of using 20% of their time to do something outside their realm of work. This autonomy provided toContinue reading “What is common among “Gmail” , “GoogleNews” & “PostIt notes”?”

Ever heard of the term “Homeshoring”??

Dan Pink’s book Drive makes a mention of this term. To make customer service more interesting , JetBlue had started diverting customer calls to homes of service representatives , without any monitoring. This was contrary of the popular practice of offshoring such work for cost savings..