The role of “empirical validation” in the success of iPod

Adopted from Jim Collins’s book titled “Great By Choice” The iPod story illustrated a point that though a big successful venture can look like a single step creative breakthrough but in reality it is a multi step iterative process based on empirical validation than visionary genius. Apple’s revival via the iPod bears testimony to theContinue reading “The role of “empirical validation” in the success of iPod”

What caused GE’s downfall ?

GE’s fall in market capitalization over time is not something that should surprise us. Jack Welch the CEO of GE loved playing the “finite game” with most emphasis given to short term performance and financial numbers. Gradually this finite mindset , with the metrics focused on performance , pitted the individual employees against one another.TheContinue reading “What caused GE’s downfall ?”

Sense of “Fairness” & its importance in human emotional responses

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” makes a mention of “Fairness” as one of the key factors in his SCARF framework to influence the human brain emotional responses. Human brain is naturally oriented towards fairness and hence unfairness is treated as a negative emotional response. The “limbic brain” inclusive of amygdala &Continue reading “Sense of “Fairness” & its importance in human emotional responses”

Expectations and their relationship with “Dopamine”

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” talks at length about the relationship of human expectations & their interrelationships with the limbic brain. “Dopamine” is a neurotransmitter which is conjunction with nucleus accumbens plays a major role in reward and motivational behavior in humans. Amygdala is the region of the brain responsible forContinue reading “Expectations and their relationship with “Dopamine””

Old Brain vs New Brain – Unknown facts

Our limbic part of the brain has been inherited from apes and is known as the “Old Brain”.This understands only symbols & signals and has no power for rational thinking. A couple of noteworthy components are HippoCampus & Amygdala. Whereas hippocampus stores long term emotional memory for later recall and reflection , Amygdala acts asContinue reading “Old Brain vs New Brain – Unknown facts”

Practicing “Mindfulness” to stay “present”

David Rock makes a mention of this fact in his book “Your Brain At Work”. The most difficult part of “Mindfulness” is remembering to be mindful. We should give ourselves a chance to sense the signals provided by the brain. As a ritual the author mentions that before a sumptuous dinner , the entire familyContinue reading “Practicing “Mindfulness” to stay “present””

Handling high state of “emotional arousal”

The limbic part of our human brain is responsible for all emotions. A high state of emotional arousal is when performance starts deteriorating out of stress , tension , anxiety. A basic principle of the human brain suggests that a negative emotion has a far lasting impact than a positive emotion. Since the limbic brainContinue reading “Handling high state of “emotional arousal””

Working memory of brain is limited – Use it judiciously for top performance

Our brain’s working memory like a computer’s RAM is of limited capacity. Though there is still dispute on maximum number of items that can be kept in working memory at one time , the number 4 is the mostly accepted number. This being said a lot of the great personalities can efficiently multi task forContinue reading “Working memory of brain is limited – Use it judiciously for top performance”