Approaching Leadership with “An Open Mind”

The following great quote from Simon Sinek highlights that leaders consider themselves as STUDENTs and approach all difficulties with an OPEN MIND. “We can TEACH only if we are WILLING to LEARN.”

How this great quote very aptly summarizes the working of our limbic brain?

The limbic brain of human beings does not have the ability to interpret language. It can only understand signals for e.g. love , trust , fear , emotion and is often know as the “devil” for its inherent characteristic to fear any change to status quo. The following quote from Simon Sinek tells us howContinue reading “How this great quote very aptly summarizes the working of our limbic brain?”

Great Leaders and their understanding of human psychology

Great leaders have the gift of great communication skills to produce the desired effect. Communication takes into account basic human psychology of fear to pacify all doubts that followers may have when faced with a change. The following quote from Simon Sinek aptly highlights this basic human psychology which a great leader is always mindfulContinue reading “Great Leaders and their understanding of human psychology”

Great Leaders have the vision to put “Will” Over “Resources”

Great leaders who possess an infinite mindset focus on the long term instead of quick wins in the short term. Investing in Resources over Will seems the most appropriate strategy for a short term oriented finite minded leader in order to show quick wins. A long term oriented mindset focusing on “Will” or people ,Continue reading “Great Leaders have the vision to put “Will” Over “Resources””

Understanding the difference in approaches between Wright Brothers and Samuel Langley

Wright Brothers as well all know invented the first airplane. But if we look book at history we can find that Samuel Langley was more equipped than the Wright Brothers , yet could not achieve what the Wright Brothers did. Langley had a passion for aeronautics and knew WHAT he needed to do.He did notContinue reading “Understanding the difference in approaches between Wright Brothers and Samuel Langley”

Understanding differences between “Vision” & “Mission” Statements

The VISION Statement is the PUBLIC statement of the founder’s intent , WHY the company exists. It is like the VISION of the future which does not exist now. The MISSION statement is the description of the route or guiding principles , HOW the company intends to create the future. In all iconic organizations beContinue reading “Understanding differences between “Vision” & “Mission” Statements”

Good Successors keep the WHY alive

Visionary founders of iconic companies e.g. Apple , SouthWest , CostCo who espoused the WHY – the reason the company existed have always been meticulous doing succession planning. This is because when the visionary founder is no longer around and the WHY goes fuzzy it can even lead to the demise of the company. HenceContinue reading “Good Successors keep the WHY alive”

What makes SouthWest Airlines so good at Succession Planning?

One of the main reasons SouthWest Airlines over the years has been so good at SUCCESSION planning is because its JUST CAUSE is so much deeply ingrained in its CULTURE and hence the CEO’s who have taken over from the co-founder Herb Kelleher have embodied the CAUSE. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why.