Approaching LIFE with an INFINITE MINDSET

Life like business is an INFINITE GAME.Nothing highlights this better than the following quote of Simon Sinek: “Life is NOT a COMPETITION , it is a GAME. It is NOT about WINNING or LOSING , it is about all the FUN we can have before it ENDS.” Understand this truth would help all of usContinue reading “Approaching LIFE with an INFINITE MINDSET”

Infinite minded leaders do meticulous succession planning

“The ability to adopt an INFINITE MINDSET is a pre-requisite for any leaders who aspires to leave THEIR organization in BETTER SHAPE than they FOUND it.” Think about Apple , SouthWest , CostCo etc. all of them have been led by such infinite minded leaders Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes.

Best quote that typifies the working of human brain

“The MIND can be CONVINCED but the HEART must be WON.” This is a very famous quote of Simon Sinek adopted from his book Together is Better. The human rational brain is used for analysis and understands language , rational thought and logic. But more often that NOT it is the limbic brain that understandsContinue reading “Best quote that typifies the working of human brain”

What happens when the person who personifies WHY departs without succession planning?

When the person who personifies the WHY departs without clearly articulating WHY the company was founded in the first place , they leave no clear CAUSE for their successor to lead. The new CEO will focus on WHAT rather than the WHY.Worse they may even try to implement their own VISION without considering the JUSTContinue reading “What happens when the person who personifies WHY departs without succession planning?”

Why John Sculley failed at Apple?

John Sculley was hired by Steve Jobs at Apple & eventually removed Steve Jobs for 12 long years at Apple. John Sculley was great at WHAT to do and HOW to do but was never a person with a vision and hence lacked the WHY. John Sculley tried to run Apple as a business andContinue reading “Why John Sculley failed at Apple?”

Most Organizations that inspire people to “do great things” have this in common

In nearly every case of a person or an ORGANIZATION that has gone on to INSPIRE people to DO GREAT THINGS , there exists this special partnership between a person who knows the WHY and another who knows the HOW. This relationship starts to clarify the VISION statement and MISSION statement of an organization. TheContinue reading “Most Organizations that inspire people to “do great things” have this in common”

Why do companies STRUGGLE to communicate their TRUE VALUE?

The struggle that so many companies have to differentiate or communicate their true value to the outside world is NOT a BUSINESS PROBLEM. Rather it is a BIOLOGY PROBLEM. This is just like a person struggling to put emotions to words relying on metaphors , imagery etc. in order to attempt what we feel. ExactlyContinue reading “Why do companies STRUGGLE to communicate their TRUE VALUE?”

What is “Stockdale Paradox”?

James Bond Stockdale was a United States Navy vice admiral and aviator awarded the Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War, during which he was a prisoner of war for over seven years. Commander Stockdale was the most senior naval officer held captive in Hanoi, North Vietnam. His sheer ability to survive during tough timesContinue reading “What is “Stockdale Paradox”?”