A great leader is an epitome of “confidence”

“A great leader does not only inspire us to have confidence in what they can do.A great leader inspires us to have confidence in what we can do.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better”

Three factors influencing “Longevity” of a business

The three main factors ensuring the longevity of a business in the infinite game of business are: 1) Customer base 2) Imitability – The more difficult it is to imitate the more the longevity e.g. Ikea and Tetra Pack 3) Adaptability – The way the business responds to the changing needs of the environment withContinue reading “Three factors influencing “Longevity” of a business”

Three factors impacting profitability

The three factors are: 1) Revenues from customers 2) Cost incurred by the business in producing the product 3) Third abd most important the “Bargaining Power” of the business with suppliers and customers Adopted from Matt Watkinson’s book “The Grid”

Factors influencing Desirability of a product

The three factors that impact desirability of a product are: 1) Wants and needs of the customer 2) Rivalry in the market with competing products 3) The product offerings an organization creates aligned with the customer wants and needs Adopted from Matt Watkinson’s book “The Grid”

Three Goals Of any business

The three goals for any business are: 1) Desirability – The desire of people for the product offered by the business 2) Profitability – The profit margin would help the organization to sustain 3) Longevity – The business should remain profitable in the long run Adopted from the book titled “Grid” by Matt Watkinson

The “Permission Marketing” journey

Adopted from Seth Godin’s book titled “Permission Marketing” The responsibility of a Permission marketer is to convert strangers to friends and friends to customers and then loyal customers. At each step through this journey trust increases and so does the responsibility of the marketer. As trust increases naturally profit increases.