Organization communication with respect to the marketplace

As shown in the image , the communication should start with WHY. The percolation of the vision should trickle down to the makers of the product so that the WHAT in the product reflects the vision and is able to communicate the message to the end customers , part of the marketplace Adopted from SimonContinue reading “Organization communication with respect to the marketplace”

How the Idea Diffusion curve can serve as a radar to customer loyalty

The Idea Diffusion curve highlights the Innovators and early adopters as the ones who are not risk averse when it comes to trying out NEW products These are ones who love experimenting and whose word of mouth truly matters Thus a company who creates a new product should first try to impress and attract theseContinue reading “How the Idea Diffusion curve can serve as a radar to customer loyalty”

Why NURTURING of WHY in an organization is important?

Many iconic organizations go through a phase when WHY goes fuzzy. The WHY espoused by an iconic leader goes missing in the absence of an infinite minded successor whom focuses on WHAT instead of WHY.This is shown in the curve where the WHY plateaued after some time. This manifests itself in terms of lack ofContinue reading “Why NURTURING of WHY in an organization is important?”

Why we should not be obsessed with winning in an Infinite Game

Adopted from the following great quote of Simon Sinek. “There is nothing like WINNING or LOSING in business or life , there is ONLY AHEAD and BEHIND”

This quote will make us realize why OPTIMISM is the primary ingredient of PROGRESS

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s great quotes.. “The PRIMARY ingredient for PROGRESS is OPTIMISM – the UNWAVERING BELIEF that something can be BETTER , drives the HUMAN RACE FORWARD.”

Approaching Leadership with “An Open Mind”

The following great quote from Simon Sinek highlights that leaders consider themselves as STUDENTs and approach all difficulties with an OPEN MIND. “We can TEACH only if we are WILLING to LEARN.”

How this great quote very aptly summarizes the working of our limbic brain?

The limbic brain of human beings does not have the ability to interpret language. It can only understand signals for e.g. love , trust , fear , emotion and is often know as the “devil” for its inherent characteristic to fear any change to status quo. The following quote from Simon Sinek tells us howContinue reading “How this great quote very aptly summarizes the working of our limbic brain?”

Great Leaders and their understanding of human psychology

Great leaders have the gift of great communication skills to produce the desired effect. Communication takes into account basic human psychology of fear to pacify all doubts that followers may have when faced with a change. The following quote from Simon Sinek aptly highlights this basic human psychology which a great leader is always mindfulContinue reading “Great Leaders and their understanding of human psychology”