Why is “Fanatic Discipline” needed for high performance?

Fanatic Discipline helps in displaying extreme consistency of action in terms of values , goals , performance standards & methods. With a sense of “Fanatic Discipline” , high performers are utterly relentless , unbending in their focus on their quests. Adopted from Jim Collins’s book titled “Great By Choice”

Guiding principles adopted by high performing companies

SMaC stands for Specific , Methodical and Consistent operating practices adopted by 10X companies as a recipe for long term success Though this is a checklist , depending on the changing environment it needs to be dynamic without altering the basic essence 10X compaies use “empirical creativity” to develop the checklist , “fanatic discipline” toContinue reading “Guiding principles adopted by high performing companies”

SMaC operating practices of 10X companies

All 10X or high performing companies are characterized by SMaC operating practices that create a replicable and consistent success formula SMaC stands for: S – Specific M – Methodical C – Consistent Adopted from Jim Collins’s book titled “Great By Choice”

Dream or Competition – Which do we chase?

Chasing a dream instead of copying competition is much more involved and more difficult. Such is the case with companies who chase the competition.Their goals are short term oriented and shallow.The culture in such companies is filled with internal politics and micro management. On the other hand , companies who are busy chasing a dreamContinue reading “Dream or Competition – Which do we chase?”

“Finding our vision” , the choice is ours

A vision is like a dream , it will disappear unless we do something with it. Thus when obstacles appear in the way of our vision , the choice is on us to find our vision. We can either devise innovative means to get around obstacles to climb the wall in front of us orContinue reading ““Finding our vision” , the choice is ours”

Leader as a “Visionary”

A leader clearly communicates a vision and provides a direction to the followers to reach the target. When obstacles appear , the human brain is creative enough to devise creative ways to get round the obstacles reach the target provided the destination is communicated clearly. The problem happens when the destination is not communicated clearlyContinue reading “Leader as a “Visionary””

Prerequisites to start a “Revolution”

We can start a revolution when we know what we stand against.To create change that lasts , however we need to know what we stand against. Knowing what we stand against can be made easier if we know about the “Just Cause”.This should be deeply personal to the person who espouses it and the followers.Continue reading “Prerequisites to start a “Revolution””

Merits of Herb Kelleher’s conservative balance sheet

South West Airlines over the years has become renowned as an iconic Airlines in the United States of America. The chairman of SWA , Herb Kelleher built the company’s culture around employee benefits , respect to employees which was a key aspect that helped SWA outperform competitors. As a leader Herb Kelleher exhibited “Productive Paranoia”Continue reading “Merits of Herb Kelleher’s conservative balance sheet”