Finding your “vision”

We are used to the term “Have a vision” wherein being fascinated by visionaries like Steve Jobs , Martin Luther King we try to have a similar vision of ourselves. Not only is this stressful but at the same time does not make our lives meaningless if we don’t have one. To make our livesContinue reading “Finding your “vision””

How to identify “Infinite minded” organizations?

The three chief characteristics of organizations with an infinite mindset are as follows: The founders as well as the employees at each level are obsessed with advancing the Just Cause , the organization stands for. Since they are obsessed with their vision they are working to outpace themselves rather than the competition. The members formContinue reading “How to identify “Infinite minded” organizations?”

How to Create Lasting change?

An infinite minded leaders envisions a “Just Cause” which the followers adopt for the sake of realizing something larger than themselves. To create a long lasting change via the “Just Cause” not only the followers but the leader as well need to know what they stand for so they each one can be viscerally involvedContinue reading “How to Create Lasting change?”

Why our brain wants us to “chase our passion”?

Our human brain is naturally oriented to feel happy and charged up when we feel a sense of purpose in what we do. When we do something we are passionate about , we love the job that we do.On the other hand when we are forced to do something just for the sake of aContinue reading “Why our brain wants us to “chase our passion”?”

When can “workers” truly become “leaders”?

“When we tell people to do their jobs , we get workers.When we trust people to get the job done , we get leaders.” – Simon Sinek Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Find Your Why”

Leader or followers , “Just Cause” makes more sense to whom?

A visionary leader is one who envisions a “just cause” or purpose which the followers must buy in to , for it to result in a movement. The cause should be strong enough to arouse emotions in the followers so that their visceral senses direct them to join the cause and be part of theContinue reading “Leader or followers , “Just Cause” makes more sense to whom?”

Should “Team” just be a group of people?

A team should not just be a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. This forms the basis of high performance “trusting teams” where team members feel safe to express vulnerability. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Find Your Why”