What is “Ethical Fading”?

Between 2011 and 2016 , Wells Fargo opened close to three and a half million fake bank accounts.Needless to say this was done by select group of employees to make money by unethical means.Eventually when this scam surfaced up , after being active between 2011 and 2016 , close to 5000 employees were fired. ThisContinue reading “What is “Ethical Fading”?”

Jack Welch’s evaluation criteria

Simon Sinek’s book titled “The Infinite Game” makes frequent mention of how Jack Welch and his finite mindset mentality instilled a toxic work culture among GE employees. Jack Welch’s focus was always on “winning” with short term targets in order to outdo competition.Had it not been for the US government’s bail out in 2008 ,Continue reading “Jack Welch’s evaluation criteria”

Which is more important – Performance or Trust?

Though both are equally important yet for surviving in an infinite game , organizations need to prioritize “trust” over “performance”. Performance relates to IQ whereas trust relates to EQ. A low trust environment spoils organization culture and should not be encouraged.Hence even though performance matters , yet since humans are social animals and work bestContinue reading “Which is more important – Performance or Trust?”

What is meant by “Circle Of Safety”?

Based on the foundation of trust , leaders with an infinite mindset create a “Circle of Safety” where the employees feel safe to the extent of being vulnerable to openly admit their weakness in the hope of collaboration. In such an environment where trust precedes performance , performance would automatically follow since the employees wouldContinue reading “What is meant by “Circle Of Safety”?”

Strategy for playing an infinite game

Organizations with an intinite game mindset , whose goals are long term oriented always try to make their “will” and “resources” stronger to frustrate the “will” and exhaust “resources” of other players who employ a finite mindset consisting of short term goals. Simon Sinek brings out this point very aptly in his book titled “TheContinue reading “Strategy for playing an infinite game”

What are leaders responsible for?

Highlighted below is an extract from Simon Sinek’s book titled “The Infinite Game” on modern day leadership responsibility. Leaders are not responsible for results, leaders are responsible for people who are in turn responsible for the results. Very thought provoking , practical and to me is a leadership masterclass.

Performance or Trust , which matters more to NAVY SEAL?

Performance at work is more related to technical competence.Whereas trust is more related to the character of a person. With NAVY SEALs it has often been found that a person high on performance low on trust is regarded as “toxic” & hence often ostracized.This is simply because of the fact that such a person isContinue reading “Performance or Trust , which matters more to NAVY SEAL?”

SHELL URSA and role of trusting teams

Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game” makes a mention of SHELL URSA and highlights  how as a result of having trusting team members the audacious project could turn into a grand success. Shell URSA initiative was to drill as deep as three thousand feet below ocean level to extract oil.Not only wasContinue reading “SHELL URSA and role of trusting teams”

Trusting teams

Teams are building blocks of any organization.When there is trust among individuals in a team , people care for each other , collaborate with each other which ultimately leads to high performance. On the contrary when teams lack trust , results may be achieved at the expense of relationships and a healthy work culture.This mayContinue reading “Trusting teams”

“Will” or “Resources” which to prioritize?

“Will” and “Resources” are the most important components in a game of business. Investing in “will” and prioritizing it over “resources” needs to be based on a “just cause” and not monetary benefits alone.This may not have immediate short term benefits but when done in the right manner can influence human behavior , lead toContinue reading ““Will” or “Resources” which to prioritize?”