Long Story Short tips for the day

Storytelling tips for the day from the book “Long Story Short” by Margot Leitman. 1) Revealing Vulnerable Moments from our Everyday lives almost always pays off 2)Find the Recurring Theme in your life , use it and go deeper 3) Take a close look at your QUIRKS , take a close look , they mayContinue reading “Long Story Short tips for the day”

Similarities between Jim Collin’s BHAG and “Moonshot”

Referring to the below mentioned URL , Jim Collin’s BHAG as mentioned in his book “Built to Last” has been cited here for the purpose of illustrating its similarity with a “Moonshot”. https://www.jimcollins.com/concepts/bhag.html “A BHAG (pronounced “Bee Hag,” short for “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”) is a powerful way to stimulate progress. A BHAG is clearContinue reading “Similarities between Jim Collin’s BHAG and “Moonshot””

How is a “moonshot” different than “just cause”

“Moonshot” associates  Kennedy’s inspirational arousal of his countrymen towards the audacious vision of human landing on moon.This Apollo mission was thought of as something that would be a new beginning for mankind and seemed like a then impossible mission.This is what inspired Neil Armstrong and fellow astronauts in making this as reality. Though this wasContinue reading “How is a “moonshot” different than “just cause””

What is “finite exhaustion”?

When we play an infinite game with a finite mindset often we try to achieve quick wins by trying to meeting short term targets and goals. Though this is good in the short term , trying to win a rat race has its own set of shortcomings.It results in huge amount of stress and fatigueContinue reading “What is “finite exhaustion”?”

What is the mission statement of Sweetgreen?

Sweetgreen has a huge base of loyal customers who choose the brand for delivering its promise on “simple , seasonal and healthy” food. The mission statement of Sweetgreen unearthed from its website is worth having a look. Our Story “Our mission is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food. We know thatContinue reading “What is the mission statement of Sweetgreen?”

What are the five factors that qualify a “cause” as a “just cause” ?

Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game” mentions the need of having a “Just cause” as one of the necessary prerequisites for playing an infinite game with an infinite mindset. Since a “just cause” needs to be long term oriented to inspire people to be part of it hence Simon Sinek has providedContinue reading “What are the five factors that qualify a “cause” as a “just cause” ?”

Ever heard about Svalbard Global Seed Vault?

Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the biggest and most secure seed bank in Norway.This bears ample testimony to the vision of the iconic botanist . agronomist , geneticist Nikolai Vavilov from the Soviet Union. Vavilov had an infinite mindset that inspired his followers to follow his vision & just cause of creating a seed backContinue reading “Ever heard about Svalbard Global Seed Vault?”

Why a “Just Cause” makes sense for every organization

A “Just Cause” is defined as the futuristic vision aimed towards engaging employees of an organization for achievement of fulfillment in their lives.This is solely driven by the sense of meaning in the vision that makes monetary short term benefits insignificant to an employee of an organization. Needlessly to say taking baby steps towards thatContinue reading “Why a “Just Cause” makes sense for every organization”

How “WHY” is different from “Just Cause”

Simon Sinek who introduced the concept of WHY , has very aptly mentioned the difference between WHY and “Just Cause”(One of the pre-requisite for Infinite mindset) in his wonderful book titled “The Infinite Game”. WHY gives a sense of purpose in our lives whereas a “Just Cause” is the vision which we move towards toContinue reading “How “WHY” is different from “Just Cause””