“Cause Blindness” – What is it?

When an individual is selfishly engrossed in his/her cause/motive , without any care for others around , he/she suffers from “Cause Blindness”. This is very harmful for an individual wherein he/she loses sight of own “weaknesses” & others “strengths”. More often than not this kind of mentality is driven by a finite mindset and canContinue reading ““Cause Blindness” – What is it?”

How the “infinite minded” Alan Mulally turned around “Ford”

In 2006 when Alan Mulally joined as CEO of Ford , the once iconic automobile company was staring at bankruptcy.The occassion demanded the infinite minded leader to look beyond balance sheets. Sone of his visionary steps , mentioned below , highlighted in Simon Sinek’s , “The Infinite Game” enabled Ford to get back on track.Continue reading “How the “infinite minded” Alan Mulally turned around “Ford””

Knowing a “worthy rival”

In an finite game e.g. football there are fixed set of players , rules are fixed , duration is fixed.As a result of this “winning” , being the “best” are options. In infinite games where duration in unknown , rules are not predefined , players are unknown it is of paramount importance to a playerContinue reading “Knowing a “worthy rival””

When being the best is a fool’s errand

Infinite game is one where the players are unknown , rules are not defined and the sole purpose is to keep playing. An infinite mindset player uses “will” to advance “resources” towards a just cause and by virtue of possessing an “bundance mentality” suffocates a finite mindset player having a “scarcity mentality”.These players eventually dropContinue reading “When being the best is a fool’s errand”

Don’t buy this jacket ad

Patagonia is known to go against the tide when it comes to marketing its products. By admitting openly that it is making use of environmental resources , the following ad shows how using such non traditonal means it is indeed being so successful in the infinite game of business. Truly a masterclass as cited byContinue reading “Don’t buy this jacket ad”

When ethics fade and culture erodes

Short term finite mindset leadership can result in ethical fading as well as erosion of organization culture.People lack trust , feel unsafe and hide information in the hope of benefits. Frequent use of such tactics can lead to long lasting detrimental results for the organization as a whole. In order to revive an organization backContinue reading “When ethics fade and culture erodes”

Infinite minded leaders

These are leaders who exhibit the following characteristics: 1) Devoted towards advancement of a “just cause” , through hard work and patience 2) Have the ability to nurture “Trusting Teams” by creating a “Circle of Safety”. 3) Always put “will” before “resources” to create a great organization culture that avoids “ethical fading”. Simon Sinek mentionsContinue reading “Infinite minded leaders”

Performance over Trust or vice versa ?

Simon Sinek in his book titled “Infinite Game” has enlightened readers on the enhanced need to trust and hence EQ in the modern day game of business to outwit finite mindset based businesses. A look at the comparison between “Performance” & “Trust” brings out that fact as to why Trust is more needed for survivalContinue reading “Performance over Trust or vice versa ?”

What is “Ethical Fading”?

Between 2011 and 2016 , Wells Fargo opened close to three and a half million fake bank accounts.Needless to say this was done by select group of employees to make money by unethical means.Eventually when this scam surfaced up , after being active between 2011 and 2016 , close to 5000 employees were fired. ThisContinue reading “What is “Ethical Fading”?”