Handling high state of “emotional arousal”

The limbic part of our human brain is responsible for all emotions. A high state of emotional arousal is when performance starts deteriorating out of stress , tension , anxiety. A basic principle of the human brain suggests that a negative emotion has a far lasting impact than a positive emotion. Since the limbic brainContinue reading “Handling high state of “emotional arousal””

Working memory of brain is limited – Use it judiciously for top performance

Our brain’s working memory like a computer’s RAM is of limited capacity. Though there is still dispute on maximum number of items that can be kept in working memory at one time , the number 4 is the mostly accepted number. This being said a lot of the great personalities can efficiently multi task forContinue reading “Working memory of brain is limited – Use it judiciously for top performance”

Brain circuitry and their types

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” introduces us to the circuitry in our brains. Whenever we are faced with a situation it is human nature to activate our mental maps and try to find similar situations we have faced in the past.This is where our default circuitry inclusive of basal ganglia(habits) &Continue reading “Brain circuitry and their types”

Practice “Mindfulness” for better problem solving

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” talks two very catchy terms namely “mindfulness” & “interoception“. Both relate to that circuit of the brain that helps us focus in the present , live for the present moment.Practicing “Mindfulness” through techniques like meditation help us understand and interpret all our incoming brain signals. ThisContinue reading “Practice “Mindfulness” for better problem solving”

This is when our mind arrives at “Insights”

David Rock in Your Brain At Work has touched upon this fascinating topic. Arriving at an “insight” is purely a right brain activity to connect the dots as against going through a checklist of items. Activities that give us peace of mind for e.g. meditation results in activation of right anterior temporal lobe to aidContinue reading “This is when our mind arrives at “Insights””

Ways to hike mental performance

An optimum level of arousal or stress is needed to fire up the neurons in the prefrontal cortex of brain to result in high performance. Instilling fear and increasing stress levels results in the flow of chemical noradrenaline to hike performance. A much better way involves using humour and conmunication of positive outcomes.This results inContinue reading “Ways to hike mental performance”

Balancing mental performance with appropriate Arousal

David Rocks in Your Brain at Work makes a mention of the inverted U plot of performance vs Arousal. This means stress/arousal should reach a perfect balance to trigger great mental performance of the brain.Anything more than this threshold proves detrimental causing burn out due to over stress. The neural circuit of the prefrontal cortexContinue reading “Balancing mental performance with appropriate Arousal”

Making your brain stay away from distractions

David Rock in his book Your Brain at Work very scientifically explains the natural tendency of human brain to get distracted. Our brain is attracted by anything novel , with the Anterior Cingulate Cortex primarily responsible for detecting anything novel. There is a braking mechanism though that inhibits our brain towards distractions and helps toContinue reading “Making your brain stay away from distractions”

How to train our brain to effectively “Multi-Task”

David Rock in his book Your Brain at Work, clearly explains the limitation of working memory capacity of the new rational human brain i.e. Prefrontal Cortex As a result of this trying to perform more than one conscious task at a time can be detrimental in terms of performance. Yet few people effectively multi task.TheyContinue reading “How to train our brain to effectively “Multi-Task””