Nested WHYs in organizations and their meaning – Learnings from “Find Your Why”

Find You Why by Simon Sinek , David Mead , Peter Docker is the second step to Start With Why by Simon Sinek. This is an awesome book wherein the authors have carved out the steps to do self as well as tribe(group) WHY discovery. Among myriad amazing concepts outlines in the book the oneContinue reading “Nested WHYs in organizations and their meaning – Learnings from “Find Your Why””

“Entrepreneurs” v/s “Non-Entrepreneurs” – Simon Sinek quote

“Entrepreneurs see the thing they want or need, then try to figure out a process of how to get it. People who shouldn’t be entrepreneurs see the standard process they need to go through to get the thing they want or need then decide if they want to go through that process.” – Simon Sinek

The need of being a great “listener” – The Simon Sinek way

“Good listeners have a huge advantage. For one, when they engage in conversation, they make people ‘feel’ heard. They ‘feel’ that someone really understands their wants, needs and desires. And for good reason; a good listener does care to understand.” – Simon Sinek

Always be an honest trier —– Simon Sinek quote

We have heard the saying , “If at first we don’t succeed , try , try and try again…. The following quote from Simon Sinek mentions the importance of being an honest trier on all occasions.When opportunity knocks at the door the best prepared person reaps the biggest benefits…. “No matter when or where ,Continue reading “Always be an honest trier —– Simon Sinek quote”