How our brain interprets product design

Emotional Design by Don Norman makes a mention of this.The three layers of the brain w.r.t product design interpretation summarised as follows: Visceral Layer – This is the layer of brain which gets turned on by attractiveness or appearance of product. Behavioural Layer – Gets turned on by performance or usability friendliness , robustness ofContinue reading “How our brain interprets product design”

Processing of Human Brain – Key takeaways from “Emotional Design” by Don Norman

The processing of brain , as mentioned by Don Norman in Emotional Design , in humans involves the following major layers: 1) Visceral layer – This is called “lizard brain” and is related to emotions only.This is at the core of the human brain. 2)Behavioural Layer – This relates to the habit patterns that canContinue reading “Processing of Human Brain – Key takeaways from “Emotional Design” by Don Norman”

Interruption to Permission Marketing – Way to go in the modern economy

As mentioned by Seth Godin in his book, Permission marketing as opposed to interruption marketing involves the following – Use the power of internet to convert strangers to friends , provide a fulfilling experience similar to dating & eventually turn these friends into long term customers.

What are the 3 interview questions Mary Barra always asks?

Came across this article from on the 3 interview questions , Mary Barra the CEO of GM always asks prospective employees. Very nice read………..

The 8 principles of “intrapreneurship” – Great post

I recently came across a great post from and felt like sharing the same.For budding entrepreneurs who are not willing to take the risk and pain of starting from scratch there is “intrapreneurship”. The 8 principles of nurturing “intrapreneurship” in great organizations with examples of these getting adopted has been mentioned in the followingContinue reading “The 8 principles of “intrapreneurship” – Great post”

Worrying trend of modern day knowledge workers

In the book Deep Work , Cal Newport mentions that in the absence of a need for deep work , knowledge workers are very busy checking emails frequently , attending/setting up meeting requests and engaged in tasks he terms as “busyness as a proxy for productivity“. This is indeed alarming as well as illuminating sinceContinue reading “Worrying trend of modern day knowledge workers”

Different ways to do “Deep Work” – Cal Newport book takeaways

In “Deep Work” by Cal Newport , the author mentions the following notable techniques to practice the philosophy of “deep work” to create something magical in the modern day economy. Monastic method – This is a fully reclusive way of practicing “deep work” wherein the person practicing deep work cuts off all modes of distraction inContinue reading “Different ways to do “Deep Work” – Cal Newport book takeaways”

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport – Key Takeaways

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport is very illuminating and goes a long way in communicating the value of “deep work” as against distraction led shallow work in the form of social media posts , frequent emails , phone calls etc. The messages conveyed in this book would act as an eye opener to the newContinue reading ““Deep Work” by Cal Newport – Key Takeaways”

Human brain – Know these guys and relate them to our day to day emotions

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Pointers to some key features which play a huge role in our day to day activities – 1) Human Brain consists of a) limbic Brain – Emotional inherited from apes & b) Neo cortex – Rational Brain this is the New Brain unique to humans and makes them special. 2) Left &Continue reading “Human brain – Know these guys and relate them to our day to day emotions”