“Schmoozing” for entrepreneurs

The term “schmoozing” is related to forming more social connections and contacts so important for entrepreneurs of start ups. In his book “Art of The Start” Guy Kawasaki makes a mention of “schmoozing”  and the need of it wherein : The most important thing is NOT WHAT WE KNOW OR WHOM WE KNOW , ITContinue reading ““Schmoozing” for entrepreneurs”

“Answer the SMALL man” – Art of pitching

“Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki mentions some very important points on “pitching” for entrepreneurs. One such concept is “Answer the Little Man”. When you are trying to make a point , be it in a presentation to a venture capitalist or to an audience , always imagine a SMALL MAN sitting on yourContinue reading ““Answer the SMALL man” – Art of pitching”

Why is there a need to hire ‘A’ grade employees for emerging start ups?

The “Art of The Start” by Guy Kawasaki mentions the following famous saying of Steve Jobs , on the need to hire ‘A’ grade employees , for any emerging start up: ‘A’ grade employees would hire ‘A’ grade employees , ‘B’ grade employees would hire ‘C’ grade employees , ‘C’ grade employees would hire ‘D’Continue reading “Why is there a need to hire ‘A’ grade employees for emerging start ups?”

Kinds of people whom we recruit – “Art of Start” by Guy Kawasaki

The following are two kinds of people we end up recruiting – Ones those who do NOT have any MAJOR WEAKNESSES – NEITHER do they have any MAJOR STRENGTHS Ones those who HAVE MAJOR STRENGTHS – THEY MAY HAVE MAJOR WEAKNESSES as well.

Don’t forget this “P” of marketing – Seth Godin’s masterclass

Aside from the widely accepted “P”s of marketing the most important and often forgotten “P” for marketers is the “Purple Cow”. By Purple Cow , what Seth Godin means is creating something remarkable and building a story around it to create customer stickiness.

“Goal v/s Vision” – Best Definition

The best and the crispest way to visualize the difference between Goal and Vision is the following definition by Simon Sinek. The difference between vision and a goal is the finish line. A goal is 26.2 miles. You can simply count the metrics and know when you’ve completed your goal. A vision is having aContinue reading ““Goal v/s Vision” – Best Definition”

“LinchPin” by Seth Godin – Key Takeaways

A linchpin is one who: Masters the limbic brain(devil) and lets their rational brain take charge of the fear , stress of the limbic brain when it comes to taking risks in order to create insanely different things to achieve fulfillment. Challenges the status quo In the modern age where factory model has become irrelevantContinue reading ““LinchPin” by Seth Godin – Key Takeaways”

Influencing “Early Adopters” need of the hour for the modern day marketer

Seth Godin’s wonderful work related to “All Marketers Are Liars” , “Purple Cow” and their relationship with “Gordon Moore’s idea diffusion” curve . highlights the need of modern day marketers to influence “Early Adopters” to ensure customer stickiness. Though the “early and late majority” form a chunk of the market share , only when theContinue reading “Influencing “Early Adopters” need of the hour for the modern day marketer”

Idea Diffusion Curve For a Marketer – What is it?

Gordon Moore’s idea diffusion curve is a very important lesson to keep in mind for marketers.Knowing this helps to position a product and target to specific groups of customers. There are 4 categories of people talked about here – Innovators – These are the ones who always like experimenting with new products and take theContinue reading “Idea Diffusion Curve For a Marketer – What is it?”