How to Find Your WHY?

Discovering your own WHY “Find Your Why” is Simon Sinek’s follow up to the best seller named “Start with Why“. This book teaches individuals as well as groups to find out their respective WHYs in their lives. In this blog we will focus on a high level overview of the why discovery related to individuals. FindingContinue reading “How to Find Your WHY?”

Leadership masterclass from Simon Sinek

Practice being the last to speak as a leader In one of his wonderful leadership related videos , Simon Sinek mentions the need to “Practice being the last to speak” as a major quality that a true leader needs to possess.This is more than just having good listening skills. In the video Simon mentions thatContinue reading “Leadership masterclass from Simon Sinek”

Who is a Linchpin?

Characteristics of a Linchpin Seth Godin in his book named “Linchpin” mentions the following 3 key characteristics that separates a “Linchpin” from the rest of the pack. Masters the devil of the emotional limbic brain and lets their rational brain take charge of the fear , stress of the limbic brain when it comes toContinue reading “Who is a Linchpin?”

Formula to define High Quality Work

Defining Deep Work Adopted from Cal Newport’s book named Deep work. Formula for measuring high quality work is High Quality Work = (Time spent doing the work) * Intensity of Focus while doing the work. More the focus , deeper the work. Deep work , by the way is the most necessary ingredient for creating somethingContinue reading “Formula to define High Quality Work”

Making the most of your “mentor” – Tips from “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”

The author Eric Barker makes a mention of some of the following key points to get the best out of a chosen mentor Be A worthy pupil Follow up with them and keep in touch Study them really hard Do not waste time of a mentor asking questions Google can answer for you Do ActsContinue reading “Making the most of your “mentor” – Tips from “Barking Up The Wrong Tree””