Building social “networking” skills – Takeaways from “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”

Some of the key tips mentioned by author Eric Barker are as follows: Start With The Friends That You Already Have Find the “Superconnectors” who are experts at networking and would help you network and reach out to prospective friends Invest time and budget to make long lasting relationships Always follow up with friends fromContinue reading “Building social “networking” skills – Takeaways from “Barking Up The Wrong Tree””

The power of “social bonds”

Human beings right from the caveman times have been social animals.It is the inherent ability of human beings to form social bonds that makes socialization so much fulfilling. In the modern age of social media , virtual reality we come across virtual friends.Though good for  “short term happiness” yet in the absence of “face toContinue reading “The power of “social bonds””

How judicious use of Post-It notes can help reduce stress?

Human brain has limited working memory. To plan better for the next day at work , thinking more about to-dos constantly results in high amount of strain on the brain by triggering what is known as “rehearsal loops“.These constantly play on in our mind reminding us of the action items. Rather than subjecting ourselves toContinue reading “How judicious use of Post-It notes can help reduce stress?”

The magic “credibility” can do to our brain

Neuroscience has proven the fact that human brain naturally gets relaxed when we listen to people who have a lot of credibility. This would mean listening to people whose opinion we naturally trust and who are “go to” people in terms of advise. When we listen to such people , our own thought process stopsContinue reading “The magic “credibility” can do to our brain”

What is so special about Iceland?

Eric Barker in his book Barking Up The Wrong Tree , makes a mention of two countries Moldova and Iceland. Whereas Moldova has the least trustworthiness score , Iceland is on the opposite extreme. Being friendly comes naturally to people of Iceland.Time spend in making friends with people can even be cited as an excuseContinue reading “What is so special about Iceland?”

“Introverts” vs “Extroverts” as leaders – Choosing the right context

Eric Barker makes a mention of the same in his book “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”. When the workforce is passive and need to be emotionally charged up and motivated , bring in an energetic and extroverted leader who can influence the masses and rejuvenate them. When the workforce is already motivated , need spaceContinue reading ““Introverts” vs “Extroverts” as leaders – Choosing the right context”

The “Ten Thousand Hours” Rule

Anders Ericsson came up with this rule which Malcolm Gladwell popularized in his path breaking book named “Outliers” It says that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice is needed for mastery in any field. For more details please refer to the following link: