What is common among “Gmail” , “GoogleNews” & “PostIt notes”?

Google , 3M have been very well known for providjng a lot of autonomy to employees to showcase their creativity. In an effort to create a Result Oriented Work Environment(ROWE), it has historically provided employees a leeway of using 20% of their time to do something outside their realm of work. This autonomy provided toContinue reading “What is common among “Gmail” , “GoogleNews” & “PostIt notes”?”

Ever heard of the term “Homeshoring”??

Dan Pink’s book Drive makes a mention of this term. To make customer service more interesting , JetBlue had started diverting customer calls to homes of service representatives , without any monitoring. This was contrary of the popular practice of offshoring such work for cost savings..

Are “If-Then” rewards good for instilling creativity?

Dan Pink in his book “Drive” makes a mention of the fact that “if-then” rewards better known as carrot/stick awards can be detrimental when it comes to instilling creativity and doing right brain oriented tasks. Hence these rewards must be used with caution mostly for the purpose of getting done “left brain” oriented mundane tasksContinue reading “Are “If-Then” rewards good for instilling creativity?”

Have you ever heard about “Type X” and “Type I” personalities?

Dan Pink in his book “Drive” makes a mention about these two types of personalities. Type X – People who are driven by eXtrinsic motivation e.g. “if-then” rewards to get their job done. Type I – People who are Intrinsically motivated by a non-monetary overarching purpose to make a difference in their daily lives. InContinue reading “Have you ever heard about “Type X” and “Type I” personalities?”

“Left Brain” work vs “Right Brain” Work – Motivation drivers

Dan Pink makes a mention of the different drivers for motivation for these two categories of work. Right brain work – For e.g. work needing autonomy and creativity needs intrinsic motivation as the driver and leads to reduction in productivity if driven by money.

“Carrot Stick” driven motivation vs “Intrinsic”?motivation – Interesting takeaways from Dan Pink’s “Drive”

Carrot stick based motivation kills creativity and focuses absolutely in the short term to satisfy selfish motives. Intrinsic motivation which cares for an overarching purpose rather than being driven by money , nurtures creativity and stands the test of time. Once the sense of purpose is realised human brain loves intrinsic motivation to achieve fulfilment.

Biological urge , reward & punishment as motivational factors – How relevant are these in the modern age?

Intrinsic motivation wherein challenge I’m being able to a piece of work and joy in sharing it with others does motivate human beings in the modern era. Look at Apache , Linux , Hadoop , git etc. and related communities where participants are engrossed in participating in sharing ideas and we can understand the powerContinue reading “Biological urge , reward & punishment as motivational factors – How relevant are these in the modern age?”

MSN Encarta vs Wikipedia – Changing human motivation drivers

“Drive” by Dan Pink uses this example very aptly to prove that historical economical principles that place rewards and punishment as a very important factor for motivation falls flat when it comes to “intrinsic motivation” as a major driver in the modern age open source frameworks for e.g. Wikipedia ,Apache etc. where contributors feel intrinsicallyContinue reading “MSN Encarta vs Wikipedia – Changing human motivation drivers”

Evolution of the “human operating system” – “Drive” by Dan Pink

Dan Pink’s Drive compares drivers of motivation in our society with the computer operating system which has the rules and protocols to run software on any hardware. Right from the Stone Age during the caveman times motivation used to be factors that solved our biological needs similar to animals.This has been termed as Motivation 1.0.Continue reading “Evolution of the “human operating system” – “Drive” by Dan Pink”