Worrying trend of modern day knowledge workers

In the book Deep Work , Cal Newport mentions that in the absence of a need for deep work , knowledge workers are very busy checking emails frequently , attending/setting up meeting requests and engaged in tasks he terms as “busyness as a proxy for productivity“. This is indeed alarming as well as illuminating sinceContinue reading “Worrying trend of modern day knowledge workers”

Different ways to do “Deep Work” – Cal Newport book takeaways

In “Deep Work” by Cal Newport , the author mentions the following notable techniques to practice the philosophy of “deep work” to create something magical in the modern day economy. Monastic method – This is a fully reclusive way of practicing “deep work” wherein the person practicing deep work cuts off all modes of distraction inContinue reading “Different ways to do “Deep Work” – Cal Newport book takeaways”

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport – Key Takeaways

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport is very illuminating and goes a long way in communicating the value of “deep work” as against distraction led shallow work in the form of social media posts , frequent emails , phone calls etc. The messages conveyed in this book would act as an eye opener to the newContinue reading ““Deep Work” by Cal Newport – Key Takeaways”

Human brain – Know these guys and relate them to our day to day emotions

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Pointers to some key features which play a huge role in our day to day activities – 1) Human Brain consists of a) limbic Brain – Emotional inherited from apes & b) Neo cortex – Rational Brain this is the New Brain unique to humans and makes them special. 2) Left &Continue reading “Human brain – Know these guys and relate them to our day to day emotions”

How to shift from L brain thinking to R brain thinking

Few key takeaways as mentioned by Daniel Pink in his great book “A Whole New Mind“. The need of the hour in the current CONCEPTUAL age is a right balance of IQ(L brain) with EQ(R Brain) 1) Mere function vs DESIGN 2) Argument vs STORYTELLING 3) Focus vs SYNTHESIS 4) Logic vs EMPATHY 5) SeriousnessContinue reading “How to shift from L brain thinking to R brain thinking”

Left Brain v/s Right Brain – Takeaways from “Whole New Mind”

A few great takeaways from this great book by Daniel Pink: 1) Left Brain for number crunching vs Right Brain for getting the big picture 2) From Industrial Age till Information Age need of the hour was L(Left Brain) Directed thinking. In the modern Conceptual Age , in the age of abundance , R(Right Brain)Continue reading “Left Brain v/s Right Brain – Takeaways from “Whole New Mind””

What is “Fogg Behavior Model”?

In the book named “Hooked” , Nir Eyal makes a mention of Fogg’s Behavioral model that goes a long way in helping product manufacturers design habit forming products. The formula is B = MAT  where behavior of an user is a function of the following three parameters B = behavior , M = motivation ,Continue reading “What is “Fogg Behavior Model”?”

Responsibility of product manufacturers who have “Hooked” customers to their product

In the book “Hooked” by Nir Eyal , the author reminds all product manufacturers their ethical responsibility while trying to “hook” customers into their habit forming products. Since nefarious intentions towards creating “habit forming products” can lead to far reaching effects in the lives of these users hence it is of prime importance to remindContinue reading “Responsibility of product manufacturers who have “Hooked” customers to their product”