Find people who believe in what you believe

Attain fulfillment In this world it is impossible to satisfy everyone and neither should we attempt to do it. Human beings crave for social bonds and feel safe and trustworthy in the company of those who believe in what we believe.No con no trickery plain and simple truth. So when we attempt to do somethingContinue reading “Find people who believe in what you believe”

“Practice being the last to speak” – Simon Sinek

Nelson Mandela had perfected this leadership art.Practicing being the last to speak is by no means a weak trait of leadership. It needs great subject matter knowledge , empathy and listening skills in giving  everyone in a group a chance to express their views and synergize the findings at the end. This is an artContinue reading ““Practice being the last to speak” – Simon Sinek”

The Habit Loop

Life lessons from book  Power of Habit Habits develop in a region of limbic brain named “basal ganglia”. The habit loop consists of three components. 1)Cue – The trigger based on which brain decides whether to consider sequence of actions as habits. 2)Routine – Repetitive sequence of mental , emotional , physical activities that formContinue reading “The Habit Loop”