What are great organizations? – Simon Sinek quote

Please find below a very inspiring quote of Simon , on what truly great organizations are and what they want to achieve. “All the great organizations in the world, all have a sense of why that organization does what it does. “ Simon Sinek

Leadership Paradox – Being “Stubborn” as well as “open minded”

The following quote of Simon Sinek explains why it is indeed so tough to be a true leader….. “One of the best paradoxes of leadership is a leader’s need to be both stubborn and open-minded. A leader must insist on sticking to the vision and stay on course to the destination. But he must be open-minded duringContinue reading “Leadership Paradox – Being “Stubborn” as well as “open minded””

Difference between “Weak” & “Strong” leader – The Simon Sinek way

The following quote truly differentiates a weak leader from a “true” leader. “A weak leader likes to tell us how many people work for them. A great leader is humbled to tell us how many people they work for.” — Simon Sinek

The DNA of “high performance teams” – The Simon Sinek Way

The book “Together is Better” by Simon Sinek tells us that human beings by nature love to socialize and try to find like minded individuals “who believe in what they believe”. This has been true right from the caveman times. When like minded people form part of same teams , trust emerges , the synergisticContinue reading “The DNA of “high performance teams” – The Simon Sinek Way”

Art of persuasion is all about the “WHY” – The Simon Sinek Way

At many stages of life , we all would have come across different persuasion skills and techniques. The best one till date , I have come across , is the one that persuades a person on the basis of his/her WHY. Please see below , one of my most favorite quotes of Simon Sinek thatContinue reading “Art of persuasion is all about the “WHY” – The Simon Sinek Way”

“Stress” v/s “Passion” – The Simon Sinek Way

In our work lives we all search for fulfillment but rarely find so. There are occasions though wherein at the end of the day we feel fulfilled but we find it very difficult to articulate the exact reason as to why we feel good at times and not at other times. After having slogged forContinue reading ““Stress” v/s “Passion” – The Simon Sinek Way”

Definition of “Success”- The Simon Sinek Way

Another crisp and crystal clear Simon Sinek quote that is not only inspiring to the core but very realistic as well.. We all dream to reach a destination but only when we realize that what we have dreamt has translated to reality is when we realize SUCCESS. “Success is when reality catches up to yourContinue reading “Definition of “Success”- The Simon Sinek Way”

Difference between “Vision” & “Goal” – The Simon Sinek way

What fascinates me about Simon Sinek is the ease with which he articulates his thoughts and make them sound so real. This is precisely the reason his thoughts resonate with me. One such example is his difference between Goal and Vision. The difference between vision and a goal is the finish line. A goal isContinue reading “Difference between “Vision” & “Goal” – The Simon Sinek way”

“Why Discovery for Individuals” – Steps

“Find Your Why” is Simon Sinek’s follow up to the best seller named “Start with Why“. This book teaches individuals as well as groups to find out their respective WHYs in their lives. In this blog we will focus on a high level overview of the why discovery related to individuals. Finding our WHY is theContinue reading ““Why Discovery for Individuals” – Steps”

Simon Sinek Leadership Lesson – “True Leader is one who shows the destination”

What makes Simon Sinek’s leadership lessons easy to understand is the fact that we can easily relate to them in our daily work lives. One such lesson is when he says “Great leaders show followers a destination“. This does resonate with me since this has a relation with our human brain as well. When theContinue reading “Simon Sinek Leadership Lesson – “True Leader is one who shows the destination””