Major differences between the two neurotransmitters – “Dopamine” vs “Oxytocin”


Human brain is a very complex system associated with flow of some very important neurotransmitters that influence our mood swings on a day to day basis.

When we feel happy for ourselves , for our sole benefit without absolutely no relationship to others , the neurotransmitter named “dopamine” flows.This is why it is sometimes called “selfish chemical.”

When we feel good by doing good to others , we feel a sense of fulfillment which is a basic biological constant for human beings since we are social animals to the core.This is why “oxytocin” is “selfless” & has been known to reduce stress and increase immunity.

Though not inherent to us , doing good to others being “go givers” as opposed to “go getters” is the way forward for leading healthy lives.

How is “social media addiction” similar to “alcoholism”


The human brain is very complex.

There are several important neuro transmitters associated with ebb and flow of various emotions.

Modern day social media addiction is reaching enormous proportions.More than ever before we are having cases of depression , unhappiness and suicidal cases.

There is a neurotransmitter named “dopamine” associated with sudden flow of positive “quick fix” emotions.

The “likes” , “good comments” , pseudo status of having large number of connections get us more and more addicted to social media and results in the flow of the addictive beuro transmitter named “dopamine”.This kind of addiction is very similar to the excitement felt by alcoholics , drug addicts on consumption of these addictive narcotic substances.

Tbe flipside is that in the absence of lines , connections on social media we feel left out and highly depressed resulting in the flow of the stress chemical named “cortisol“.This leads to depression , suicidal cases.

Thus its high time we limit this abuse of social media to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Lessons of “trustworthiness” from “pirates”


Eric Barker in his book Barking Up The Wrong Tree brings out a very different perspective in trustworthiness.

He goes on to say that there are lots to learn from pirates and prison gangs when it comes to trustworthiness.

Pirates operated as such a successful criminal group because of high amount of trust among each individual.

What lacks in modern day societies and organizations is the lack of trust.Hence on a lighter note we shoukd take a cue from these groups when it comes to trustworthiness and learn to build flourishing societies.

DRD4 vs “bad gene” – The importance of context


Eric Barker mentions about this in his book named , Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

The normal “dopamine” driven human brain behavior is a result of “DRD4″ gene.

On the contrary , DRD4-7R can lead to very harmful consequences like ADHD , alcoholism and inclination towards violence.

The author goes on and says that given the right environment and context the ill effects of the so called “bad gene” get reversed and can lead to amazing creative effects.

These people who for e.g have ADHD or autistic have immense potential who can change the world with their creativity provided they are nurtured and provided the right environment.

How to make best use of our “signature strengths”


Eric Barker in hos book Barking Up the Wrong Tree makes a mention of Harvard Professor Gautam Mukund and his two pronged rule to help a leader gauge as to which context he/she fits in.

Signature Strengths” are innate strengths that an individual possesses and any work based on such strengths gives fulfillment and happiness.

The two rules cited by Mukunda are as follows:

1) Know yourself – Knowing oneself is if prine importance to gauge the “signature strengths”

2) Be in the right pond – Gauging which conext is best suited for a leader is very important.A “filtered” leader who plats by the book thrives on predictable contexts ₹ situations.Whereas a “Unfiltered” leader is a maverick an hates predictability.

Gauging ones capabilities helps make better job choices as well.

“Filtered” vs “Unfiltered” leaders


Eric Barker in his book “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” makes a mention of these category of leaders.

When playing by the book is expected , environment is stable & predictable and where a franework is already in place the leaders who are best suited to take charge and steer a ship are known as “Filtered Leaders”.Generally these are ones who have played by the rules and secured good grades in school & colleges.

When the path is known and circumstances predictables nothing can stop these leaders from making a mark.

The trouble happens when the environment is chaotic no precedents are in place and the path is unclear.This is when you need leaders who are creative.By means of their controlled insanity & weirdness they are able to craft a future iut of no where since they are used to thinking out of the box & taking risks.These are “Unfiltered leaders”.

Who are “Unfiltered” leaders – Takeaways from Eric Barker’s “Barking Up the wrong tree”


As per the author research shows that visionary leaders like Steve Jobs who have changed the world , have significantly high psychopathic characeristics lesser than psychotics that give them just the sufficient amount of weirdness to do something revolutionary.

These are the leaders who are absolute misfits in predictable & stable situations/contexts where playing by the book is expected.

These are “Unfiltered” leaders who thrive in trying circumstances.

Playing “Infinite Games” to make your competition irrelevant


Over the past few months I have had the good fortune of watching numerous Simon Sinek videos on “Infinite Games”.

One such talks about the merit of playing “infinite games” to make competition irrelevant.

A player of “infinite games” tries to make oneself a better version by the day without being fussy about what the competition is doing.

Such a player knows the merits of experimentation to come up with something revolutionary , while being cognizant of the fact that failure is part and parcel of all such experimentation.

This is why the projections and targets are not based on any competitor but reakustic goals based on the vision the company sets for itself.

Since creativity is driven by right hemisphere thinking of the brain & thrives in a conducive atmosphere all such organizations are able to create and nurture talent who feel motivated to create something revolutionary.

This is why playing “infinite games” in business as well as personal life is the way forward.

“Intensifiers” – The insanity exhibited by individuals to achieve something inhuman


In “Barking Up tbe Wrong Tree” the author Eric Barker makes a mention of this term coined by Harvard Professor Gautam Mukunda.

The term “intensifiers” is used to explain insane achievements such as the one by RAAM(Race Across America) winner Jure Robics.RAAM by the way is a gruelling cycle marathon spanning from San Diego to Atlantic City.

“Intensifiers” talks about insanity in certain individuals that prevent them from rational thinking when faced with gruelling challenges to override physical and mental pain to achieve something insanely extraordinary.

This also explains the fact as to why college toppers who are taught to think rationaly within boundaries never go on to achieve anything world shattering.