“Disruption” is for the infinite minded , “Adoption” is for the finite minded

There are numerous business examples that showcase this fact.

Let us take the case of the mobile phone market.Apple took the industry by storm with its disruptive iPhone.Neither did it copy anyone but came up with a disruptive design aimed at relieving the pain point of a mobile phone user.

On the contrary if we look at the then market leader, Blackberry instead of focusing on its iconic QWERTY to build a separate niche , its finite mindset made it panicky and eventually forced it to copy Apple.

Needless to say it led to the demise of the once iconic brand.

Simon Sinek points this out in “The Infinite Game” to highlight the fact that in an infinite game disruption by means of an infinite mindset is the way forward.Adoption led by a finite mindset will be shortlived and eventually will force the player to quit the game.

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