How the “infinite minded” Alan Mulally turned around “Ford”


In 2006 when Alan Mulally joined as CEO of Ford , the once iconic automobile company was staring at bankruptcy.The occassion demanded the infinite minded leader to look beyond balance sheets.

Sone of his visionary steps , mentioned below , highlighted in Simon Sinek’s , “The Infinite Game” enabled Ford to get back on track.

1) Encouraged Ford employees responsible for design of cars , to take test ride in cars of “Worthy Rivals” like Toyota to understand what was missing in Ford cars.

2) Spun off Jaguar , Landrover , Volvo to focus on a specific segment and hence advance the “Just Cause” of the founder Henry Ford.

3)Identied “Worthy Rivals” and was willing to collaborate and learn from them to continue playing the infinite game.

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