These are some of the most harmful sins of Motivation 2.0


Motivation 2.0 where extrinsic rewards is the hero is another name for Carrot and Stick Method , coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive.

The following are some of the deadly sins of Motivation 2.0 and extrinsic reward based motivation –

  1. They can extinguish INTRINSIC MOTIVATION
  3. They can ENCOURAGE CHEATING , SHORTCUTS and unethical behavior
  4. They encourage ADDICTION

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive

Motivational techniques for stimulating routine work


Routine bound work , dreary , mundane work is something we associate with work that is outsourced to developing countries as well as factories the world over.

Since the work is routine , monotonous hence workers need to be continuously motivated to drive desired results.

For Left Brain oriented work where work is routine and boring , extrinsic awards have been the way to go over the years.

The rationale behind this is that Rewards would stimulate desired behavior and compliance whereas punishment would limit non compliance.

This has been mentioned in great details , as Motivation 2.0 by Daniel Pink in his book Drive

Motivation 2.0 focuses on IQ


Motivation 2.0 a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive stands for “Carrot and Stick” method of motivation of human beings so successful in the Industrial Age.

This method of motivation focuses on extrinsic rewards and promotes performance.Hence this kind of a reward system encourages those with high IQ but does not encourage any form of EQ.

Hence this model is a misfit in the modern age of a knowledge worker.

How to make “Carrot and Stick” motivation work for right brain work


Right brain work needs autonomy , mastery and sense of purpose and hence “Carrot and Stick” or Motivation 2.0 methods of motivation can be detrimental and lead to adverse impact.

Rewards via Motivation 2.0 seek compliance in terms of IF-THEN REWARDS kind of a mechanism.

If we change this to a NOW THAT kind of an award without initially promising a reward but once the results are good provide a reward , motivational effects will  be enhanced.

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive

“Carrot Stick” driven motivation vs “Intrinsic”?motivation – Interesting takeaways from Dan Pink’s “Drive”


Carrot stick based motivation kills creativity and focuses absolutely in the short term to satisfy selfish motives.

Intrinsic motivation which cares for an overarching purpose rather than being driven by money , nurtures creativity and stands the test of time.

Once the sense of purpose is realised human brain loves intrinsic motivation to achieve fulfilment.