MSN Encarta vs Wikipedia – Changing human motivation drivers


“Drive” by Dan Pink uses this example very aptly to prove that historical economical principles that place rewards and punishment as a very important factor for motivation falls flat when it comes to “intrinsic motivation” as a major driver in the modern age open source frameworks for e.g. Wikipedia ,Apache etc. where contributors feel intrinsically motivated without feeling the need of money.

Evolution of the “human operating system” – “Drive” by Dan Pink


Dan Pink’s Drive compares drivers of motivation in our society with the computer operating system which has the rules and protocols to run software on any hardware.

Right from the Stone Age during the caveman times motivation used to be factors that solved our biological needs similar to animals.This has been termed as Motivation 1.0.

As the human race evolved to the Industrial Age till very recently rewards and punishment have been major drivers of motivation.This has been termed as Motivation 2.0.

In the modern conceptual age, the need is to upgrade the human operating system taking into account intrinsic motivation to do great work without money being the single major driver.

Think of all Open source not for profit software in vogue now and we can realise the major need to upgrade from Motivation 2.0 to be relevant in the modern era.