Have you EVER FALLEN in LOVE?This is the BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL responsible for your ADDICTION..


Adopted from the following great insight shared by David Rock from the book Your Brain at Work

New lovers tend to “lose their minds” and do all sorts of crazy things in the heat of the moment. One study showed that new lovers’ brains have a lot in common with people on cocaine. Dopamine is sometimes called the “drug of desire.” Too much dopamine, from being “high with excitement,”

This is the truth around “dopamine addiction”


Adopted from the following great insight shared by David Rock from the book Your Brain at Work

New lovers tend to “lose their minds” and do all sorts of crazy things in the heat of the moment. One study showed that new lovers’ brains have a lot in common with people on cocaine. Dopamine is sometimes called the “drug of desire.” Too much dopamine, from being “high with excitement,”

Social media addiction and alcoholism


Social media abuse is increasing by the day.

Getting addicted to social media is very common in the age of high speed internet and smart phones

Like alcoholism , social media craving is addictive and both release the addictive chemical named “dopamine” that causes short term happiness.

As a result of this , addicts crave for instant gratification , in the absence of which depression results

Is fulfillment related to achievement?


Simon Sinek in his book titled “Together is Better” clearly states the difference between excitement and fulfillment.

Excitement comes from the achievement , fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there.

Whereas excitement is no more than a short term “dopamine” shot , fulfillment os related to the flow of chemical named “oxytocin”.

A true masterclass

How is “social media addiction” similar to “alcoholism”


The human brain is very complex.

There are several important neuro transmitters associated with ebb and flow of various emotions.

Modern day social media addiction is reaching enormous proportions.More than ever before we are having cases of depression , unhappiness and suicidal cases.

There is a neurotransmitter named “dopamine” associated with sudden flow of positive “quick fix” emotions.

The “likes” , “good comments” , pseudo status of having large number of connections get us more and more addicted to social media and results in the flow of the addictive beuro transmitter named “dopamine”.This kind of addiction is very similar to the excitement felt by alcoholics , drug addicts on consumption of these addictive narcotic substances.

Tbe flipside is that in the absence of lines , connections on social media we feel left out and highly depressed resulting in the flow of the stress chemical named “cortisol“.This leads to depression , suicidal cases.

Thus its high time we limit this abuse of social media to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Sense of “Status” as a factor in emotional arousal of the brain


David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” makes a mention of “Status” as a key factor in the SCARF framework for emotion arousal of the human brain.

A sense of “Status” has been found to release neurotransmitters such as “dopamine” , “serotonin” as well as testosterone to make a person feel “at ease” as well as help “focus” for achievement of stringent targets.

Hence subtle acts of hiking the “status” feeling goes a long way in motivating an employee at work as well.This though is not a long term solution and can help achieve effects in the near to short term with good effect.

Expectations and their relationship with “Dopamine”


David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” talks at length about the relationship of human expectations & their interrelationships with the limbic brain.

“Dopamine” is a neurotransmitter which is conjunction with nucleus accumbens plays a major role in reward and motivational behavior in humans.

Amygdala is the region of the brain responsible for the release of this hormone “dopamine” which plays a very key role in motivational behavior out of risk/reward situations.

Limbic brain follows a “toward” approach for good emotions when the expectations are met and “away” approach when whatever is expected is not achieved.

When our expectations are met , the “dopamine” flow results in motivational behavior helping us achieve good results.

Unexpected rewards can cause much higher level of “dopamine” flow and hence can help us achieve much beyond our potential at times.

Worst effect happens when we imagine and expect rewards out of a situation but the actual results are far away from our set expectations and targets.This is what results in huge level of stress and downgraded performance.

Hence the best way out to avoid such kind of stressful situations is to lower our expectations to ensure that come what may the results would match our expectations.

Ways to hike mental performance


An optimum level of arousal or stress is needed to fire up the neurons in the prefrontal cortex of brain to result in high performance.

Instilling fear and increasing stress levels results in the flow of chemical noradrenaline to hike performance.

A much better way involves using humour and conmunication of positive outcomes.This results in flow of dopamine as well thus being a much more effective way to increase mental performance.

This is the reason why mentoring is a much more effective technique compared to Carrots & Sticks to hike performance.

Balancing mental performance with appropriate Arousal


David Rocks in Your Brain at Work makes a mention of the inverted U plot of performance vs Arousal.

This means stress/arousal should reach a perfect balance to trigger great mental performance of the brain.Anything more than this threshold proves detrimental causing burn out due to over stress.

The neural circuit of the prefrontal cortex of our brain fires absolutely perfect when there is an appropriate combination of two neural chemicals i.e. dopamine & noradrenaline.

By training our minds in the right manner it is indeed possible to generate the right amount of these chemical for optimal brain performance.

Understanding “Selfish” and “selfless” happiness hormones in our veins


Very recently I had the honor of reading “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek, the author of the hugely popular “Start with Why”. This book is an amazing read for the simple fact that by means of biology the author has explained how to beat stress in our fast paced lives by sticking to ethics.

Stress as well as happiness stimulating hormones we all would be aware of but the mental mapping of these is something we rarely think of. Had we done the same our actions would have been more often than not directed towards enhancing the flow of happiness stimulating selfless chemicals to beat stress and duress in our stress filled lives.

Stress which is part and parcel of our modern fast paced lives results in a chemical named “Cortisol” flowing through our veins. As against this when we are happy for ourselves(selfish) say for e.g. when we have had a very tiring but fulfilling day in office may be for e.g. by being able to deliver something critical by stretching late in office a selfish happiness stimulating chemical named “Endorphin” flows through our veins. When people try to beat stress by working out extra time in gyms, the same chemical flows through our veins and keeps us happy for the time being.

Any kind of work done by us that gives us an appreciation to satisfy our self-ego(selfish) but which does not give us any sense of belonging results in “Dopamine” flowing through our veins. With the proliferation of social media penetration that “one buzz” in our phones to indicate one more like for our posts on FB or Twitter results in the flow of this selfish happiness stimulating chemical that acts as a quick fix to keep our subconscious mind happy.

When we feel happy and feel a sense of belonging especially when a co-worker thanks us or when we feel happy by doing something for the family/near or dear ones/society and that too ethically it does us the most good by allowing the flow of selfless and happiness stimulating chemicals named “Serotonin(leadership chemical)” and “Oxytocin(fulfillment chemical)” through or veins.

The challenge in life , to beat stress , is not to chase short term quick fix driven “Dopamine happiness” but look to do or achieve something ethically that would give us a sense of belonging and a good night’s sleep by allowing sufficient flow of “Oxytocin” through our veins.

Thus the mathematical equation involving biological chemicals to help us lead a balanced and truly happy life with a sense of belonging is:

(Serotonin + Oxytocin) >>>> Cortisol

With this simple equation in mind let us all pledge to act in ways to fight stress by doing things in our day to day lives that give us a sense of belonging that have far reaching impacts beyond mere self-satisfaction. The other advantage of this would be that since this formula to beat stress is scientifically proven we can form a mental map and preempt our behavior patterns to act in ways that help us achieve selfless truly fulfilling satisfaction rather than meeting our selfish short term goals.

Unleash the flow of selfless chemicals through your veins!!!!!