Making the most of your “mentor” – Tips from “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”


The author Eric Barker makes a mention of some of the following key points to get the best out of a chosen mentor

  1. Be A worthy pupil
  2. Follow up with them and keep in touch
  3. Study them really hard
  4. Do not waste time of a mentor asking questions Google can answer for you
  5. Do Acts that Make them Proud


Building social “networking” skills – Takeaways from “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”


Some of the key tips mentioned by author Eric Barker are as follows:

  1. Start With The Friends That You Already Have
  2. Find the “Superconnectors” who are experts at networking and would help you network and reach out to prospective friends
  3. Invest time and budget to make long lasting relationships
  4. Always follow up with friends from time to time
  5. Join social networking , WhatsApp groups to increase your reach

Who are “Unfiltered” leaders – Takeaways from Eric Barker’s “Barking Up the wrong tree”


As per the author research shows that visionary leaders like Steve Jobs who have changed the world , have significantly high psychopathic characeristics lesser than psychotics that give them just the sufficient amount of weirdness to do something revolutionary.

These are the leaders who are absolute misfits in predictable & stable situations/contexts where playing by the book is expected.

These are “Unfiltered” leaders who thrive in trying circumstances.

“Intensifiers” – The insanity exhibited by individuals to achieve something inhuman


In “Barking Up tbe Wrong Tree” the author Eric Barker makes a mention of this term coined by Harvard Professor Gautam Mukunda.

The term “intensifiers” is used to explain insane achievements such as the one by RAAM(Race Across America) winner Jure Robics.RAAM by the way is a gruelling cycle marathon spanning from San Diego to Atlantic City.

“Intensifiers” talks about insanity in certain individuals that prevent them from rational thinking when faced with gruelling challenges to override physical and mental pain to achieve something insanely extraordinary.

This also explains the fact as to why college toppers who are taught to think rationaly within boundaries never go on to achieve anything world shattering.