How great leaders discover possibilities


There is a subtle difference between intelligence and creativity.

Great leaders are creative and high on emotional quotient.

The following great quote from Simon Sinek , summarizes this difference very aptly.

Intelligence looks for what is KNOWN to solve problems.

Creativity looks for what is UNKNOWN to discover POSSIBILITIES.”

The destination is never “fuzzy” to a great leader


A great leader is one who has a clear vision that helps in showing followers the proper destination.

A weak leader or a micro manager is one who is not sure of the destination himself.As a result of this the followers never have a clear sense of vision.

The human brain is oriented in a manner that it feels relaxed when provided a clear sense of direction.The moment the direction is crystal clear the human brain is able to devise innovative means to reach the destination irrespective of obstacles on the way.

Thus a clear sense of direction keeps the followers engaged towards the vision.

How great leaders inspire their teams?


Truly infinite minded great leaders understand the psychology of their team members to perfection

When faced with crisis situationsn, the natural instinct of the rational mind is to think too much about the problems.

The emotional or limbic brain as well , lacks direction from the rational brain and sends negative vibes

A visionary calms down the rational mind with crystal clear direction to remove any ambiguity.Such a direction by focusing on bright spots send right signals to the limbic brain.

To add on to this , the leader motivated motivates the limbic brain by showing the way to dispel any negativity

These end up inspiring the teams to fight crisis situations.

Adopted from Chip and Dan Heath’s book titled “Switch”

Human brain’s craving for a sense of “purpose”


Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better”

Our human brain is oriented to feel comfortable given a sense of purpose and direction.

Truly great leaders know this scientific fact and hence to lead a “trusting team” they show their team a sense of purpose.

Once our brain understands about a specific purpose and direction , it is creative enough to devise innovative means to reach the destination overcoming obstacles that can come in the way.

The sense of purpose and direction provided separates great leaders from the ordinary “placeholder” leaders.

What draws us towards great leaders & organizations – Simon Sinek quote


Human beings right from the caveman times have always felt a sense of belonging.Human bonds are unique to homo sapiens and separates us from other animals around us.

The need to feel safe in a group is a basic instinct that all human beings have and are attracted by.This is the reason we perform at our best when led by leaders who make us feel safe and in teams where we feel a sense of belonging.The sense of belonging and the fulfillment as a result of the same results in the flow of oxytocin in our veins.

The following great quote crisply amplifies the message mentioned above..

“We are drawn to leaders and organizations that are good at communicating what they believe. Their ability to make us feel like we belong, to make us feel special, safe and not alone is part of what gives them the ability to inspire us.” – Simon Sinek