Achieving fulfillment doing work that “we believe in”

When we work for something that WE BELIEVE IN , we do not think about the ill effects of putting in more effort.Something drives us inside out and we derive fulfillment out of the work that we do.This is because we seem to be believe in the CAUSE that is larger than ourselves. The followingContinue reading “Achieving fulfillment doing work that “we believe in””

All Great Leaders believe in learning continually

Great Leaders learn by the day to stay focused and humble. The following great quote by Simon Sinek captures this leadership aspect. “Leadership is an EDUCATION and the BEST LEADERS think of themselves as STUDENTS , not the TEACHERS.”

How Great Leaders define “Optimism”?

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes , the following is an apt way of defining “Optimism” associated with all iconic leaders. “Optimism is the ABILITY to FOCUS on where we are GOING NOT where are COMING FROM.”

How this great quote endorses a “Fish Philosophy” principle

Stephen Lundin’s book Fish Philosophy takes about the importance of “Being Present” as an important principle to follow in a workplace to stay healthy and remain happy. Being Present is an essential skill in a leader who has a gift of great listening skills so that the followers feel like “Being heard”. The following SimonContinue reading “How this great quote endorses a “Fish Philosophy” principle”

Defining a “Community”

“A COMMUNITY is a GROUP of PEOPLE who AGREE to GROW together.” Knowing this definition makes it easier for us to understand the importance of having people in a TEAM who BELIEVE in what a LEADER believes and more importantly the power of SOCIAL BONDS. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes

How this quote relates to FISH philosophy?

In FISH PHILOSOPHY by Chris Lundin the following is mentioned as one key principle: “Make It Their Day” The following inspirational quote from Simon Sinek endorses the same fact: “The MORE people you INSPIRE , the MORE people will INSPIRE YOU.”

Infinite minded leaders do meticulous succession planning

“The ability to adopt an INFINITE MINDSET is a pre-requisite for any leaders who aspires to leave THEIR organization in BETTER SHAPE than they FOUND it.” Think about Apple , SouthWest , CostCo etc. all of them have been led by such infinite minded leaders Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes.