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Life and Business are Infinite games

Awesome quote from Simon Sinek inspiring millions to play the games of business and life, in the right manner.

The game of business has no finish line.”

Simon Sinek

Come let us feel inspired to play the infinite game of life and business in the right spirit.

How can TAIL WAG the DOG with INFINITE MINDSET? Watch this masterclass


Watch this Simon Sinek masterclass to understand how your INFINITE MINDSET can influence FINITE MINDED senior leaders..

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How do I become an INFINITE MINDED LEADER? Watch this


Amazing video from Simon Sinek, explains and illuminates us how each of us can become INFINITE MINDED leaders to succeed in the infinite game of life and business..

Come let us pile on motivation..

Did you know that LIFE is an INFINITE GAME?


The following link to the great video of Simon Sinek illuminates the fact that Life is indeed an Infinite game where there can be no winners and losers. We are players and ONLY have the choice to play with either Infinite or Finite mindset.

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If the GAME of LIFE is INFINITE, why not the THINKING?


In the Infinite game of Life, the need of the hour is an infinite mindset. This is wonderfully illustrated by Simon Sinek’s following leadership quote..

To ask, “What’s best for me?” is finite thinking. To ask, “What’s best for us?” is infinite thinking.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s leadership quote

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The following self help and motivational insight has been adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

“An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality. In the Infinite Game we accept that “being the best” is a fool’s errand and that multiple players can do well at the same time.”

As a LEADER are you looking for a MASTERCLASS on INFINITE MINDEDNESS?CVS Caremark is your point of reference..


Adopted from the following great insight shared by Simon Sinek from his book The Infinite Game

CVS Caremark in Feb 2014 , declared that it would stop selling cigarettes in all its stores.This was in line with the broader health care commitment it had embarked on.

For many Wall street pundits this seemed a suicidal move  that would cost it revenues to the tune of billions of dollars.

But what transpired was magical.All those who predicted that cigarette sales from CVS would shift to other local stores were taken by surprise.

The move by the infinite minded player CVS had a lasting impact on the population who started reducing cigarette consumption and hence instead of shift in revenue due to sale of cigarettes the cigarette consumption itself drastically reduced.

After a initial setback due to fall in share prices , as a result of this move , the share prices of CVS recovered since this was taken in a very positive manner by the employees and population in general.

In line with its infinite minded vision CVS Caremark changed its named to CVS Health in Sep 2014.

This proves beyond doubt that an infinite minded vision is always for the long run and the risk taken proves its worth in the long run.

Visionary leaders are bound to be COURAGEOUS, this confirms..


Adopted from the following great insight shared by Simon Sinek

Bowing to the pressure of FINITE PLAYERS around us is an EASY and EXPEDIENT choice.That is why it takes COURAGE to adopt an INFINITE MINDSET “

Adopting an infinite mindset can help leave behind a legacy


Adopted from the following great inspirational quote of Simon Sinek

As for us those who choose to embrace the infinite mindset, our journey is one that will lead us to feel inspired every morning, safe when we are work, and fulfilled at the end of each day. And when it’s time to leave the game we will look back at our lives and our careers and say, “I lived a life worth living and important when imaging what the future holds, we will see how many people we’ve inspired to carry on the journey without us.”

This is when we are ready to play with an INFINITE MINDSET


Adopted from the lessons learnt from Simon Sinek’s amazing book , The Infinite Game.

“If we believe trust, cooperation and innovation matter to the long-term prospects of our organizations, then we have only one choice—to learn how to play with an infinite mindset.