What are the FOUR types of Big Hairy Audacious Goals?


Big Hairy Audacious Goals and their types

Jim Collins mentions about Big hairy Audacious Goal in his book Built to Last as the pre-requisite to stimulate progress. Over the years iconic companies have set different kinds of Big Hairy Audacious Goals to carve a niche out for themselves. Illustrated below are the 4 different possibilities of BHAGs

“4 types of BHAGS – target BHAGs (Sam Walton, my first store will have a profit per square foot), creative impact BHAG (Microsoft, create a computer on every desk), a common enemy BHAG (we will win, we will crush them…think NIKE), role model BHAG (we want to be iconic in our industry).”

Jim Collins – Built to Last

Walmart’s Ledger Book is a masterclass for Continuous Improvement.


Walmart’s Ledger Book and the lesson it teaches us

Jim Collins’s in his best seller Built to Last makes a mention of Walmart’s Ledger Book and how it continues to be a masterclass for Continuous Improvement.

This teaches us to improve ourselves by the day without being bogged down by competition.

Built to Last – Jim Collins



How Un-reasonability & progress go hand in hand?

Visionary companies have utmost SELF CONFIDENCE and un-reasonability bordering around HUBRIS. It is this factor that makes them a class apart. Had this not been the case IBM, Boeing, Disney would never have been able to take risky bets that eventually paid off.

Built to Last – Jim Collins

Very nice insight that Jim Collins has shared from his book Built to Last.



How is Evolution in Visionary Company similar to a Tree?

Jim Collins mentions about this fascinating insight in his best selling book Built to Last.

Thus continuous experimentation & learning out of lessons learnt is the only way to progress. Visionary Companies time and time again bear ample testimony to the same.

Built to Last

Thus if you are building a visionary company be prepared to experiment, branch out and prune as needed.



How 3M nurtured Innovation?

3M’s Evolutionary tree illustrated in the snapshot below, helped encourage innovation by encouraging people to come up with new ideas. All the success related to Post-it notes and similar such products can be attributed to the Evolutionary Tree philosophy followed at 3M.

Jim Collins mentions the same in his best selling book Built to Last

Evolutionary Tree at 3M – Jim Collins’s Built to Last

Giving people the freedom to fail is an essential aspect of ensuring innovation at the workplace. 3M truly is an innovation led company and has shown the way for its peers.

What makes the LEADERSHIP CONTINUITY LOOP so critical?


Leadership Continuity loop in Visionary Companies

The ability to groom leaders from within the company and make them world leaders is what makes Visionary Companies stand apart.

Very few of these companies hire leaders from outside since this can lead to erosion of the existing company culture.

Jim Collins mentions about the same in his best seller Built to Last.

A true masterclass for all new age entrepreneurs for selecting their key leaders.

Built to Last – Jim Collins



Demystifying the Core Ideology of Great Companies

The insight has been adopted from Jim Collins’s best selling book Built to Last, illuminates us on the Core Ideology of all visionary companies.

Built to Last – Jim Collins

If you are in the process of building a company, nice food for thought.

How can this 15 PERCENT RULE trigger CREATIVITY?


Know More About 3M’s 15 Percent Rule

At 3M the 15 Percent Rule was crafted to allow creative juices to flow and this is the result as to why 3M is such an innovative workplace.

Empower your employees and give them free time to exercise their creativity and see world changing results.

Jim Collins makes a mention of the same in his book Built to Last.

Built to Last – Jim Collins

What makes the TRAINING at DISNEYLAND so special?


How is TRAINING imparted in DISNEYLAND?

The new joiners in Disneyland are imparted training in a very special manner. The essence of role play in the training gives each new joiner a sense of responsibility. This in turn goes a long way in ensuring the high performance of these new joiners.

Jim Collins makes a mention of the same in his book Built to Last. If you are designing a training curriculum, this post will give you food for thought.

Built to Last – Jim Collins

Does your GOAL qualify to be a BHAG?


Qualification criteria for Big Hairy Audacious Goals

As mentioned by Jim Collins in his best seller Built to Last, this is when a goal that you adopt in your organization will potentially qualify to be a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

Built to Last – Jim Collins

This insight is thus a checklist which can be a ready reckoner to ascertain when a GOAL qualifies to be a BHAG for great results.