The order in which a business communicates responsibility matters

The three pillars of a business’s responsibility are: Advancing a PurposeĀ  Protecting the people involved with the business Generating profits The order of communication of its responsibility separate an infinite minded business from a finite minded business. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

Understanding the responsibility of a business in an infinite game

“The responsibility of a business is to use its will and resources to advance a cause greater than itself , protect the people and places in which it operates and generate more resources so that it can continue doing all those things for as long as possible.” This is the essence of playing an infiniteContinue reading “Understanding the responsibility of a business in an infinite game”

Doing good first and then making money

Well intended finite minded leaders often have the perspective of “making money to do good.” An infinite perspective on service however is : “Doing good first and then making money” The order of information brings out the true intention and separates an infinite minded leader from that of a finite minded leader. Adopted from SimonContinue reading “Doing good first and then making money”

Why is it critical to pen down a “Just Cause”?

A visionary founder’s instinct cannot be passed on from one generation to another. Only when a vision in the form of a “Just Cause” is preserved on paper , can it be handed down from generation to generation. Like the American Declaration of Independence which is a written statement of Just Cause , a writtenContinue reading “Why is it critical to pen down a “Just Cause”?”

Infinite minded leaders choose great successors

“The ability to adopt an infinite mindset is a prerequisite for any leader who aspires to leave their organization in better shape than they found it.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s great quotes.

When leaders compromise work culture for meeting priorities

Finite minded leaders with a bias towards “resources” before “will” willingly adjust their cultures to meet their priorities. People are pitted against each other in such a low trust work culture which can eventually lead to ethical fading. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

What does a prognosis of “ethical fading” lead to?

“The postmortem after any scandal or case of ethical fading nearly always reveals a failure of leadership in creating a trust based work culture.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

Are leaders responsible only for results?

“Leaders are not by definition responsible for the results.Leaders are responsible for the people who are responsible for the results.” Hence this is a job that requires constant attention. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled The Infinite Game