“Leader as a parent” metaphor

The joy of parenting does not come from the work of being a parent , it comes from seeing out children do the things that delight us Likewise the joy of leadership comes from seeing someone on our team achieve more than they thought they were capable of Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book “Together isContinue reading ““Leader as a parent” metaphor”

Courage to express vulnerability

Our courage to be the first one to express vulnerability inspires those around us to take the same risks.And when they do , the team will rally to support them as well & with that the whole organization thrives Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better”

Servant leadership

If we go to work and do not love our jobs , quitting is the only option We can choose to commit ourselves to ensuring that our colleagues love coming to work.Our work becomes helping to find their calling This act of service is leadership Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better”

Generosity leads to fulfillment

Serving those who serve others by showing generosity leads to fulfillment in our lives. Simon Sinek narrates his experience of getting stuck up in Afghanistan , after having lost all hopes of returning back to his home. During that moment of hopelessness he like ordinary humans became obsessed with his own goals and forgot aboutContinue reading “Generosity leads to fulfillment”

When finite minded leaders violate their ALPHA position

Amazing Simon Sinek quote of leadership: “If our leaders are to enjoy the trappings of their position in the hierarchy, then we expect them to offer us protection. The problem is, for many of the overpaid leaders, we know that they took the money and perks and didn’t offer protection to their people. In someContinue reading “When finite minded leaders violate their ALPHA position”