As a LEADER do you PRACTICE these THREE TRAITS regularly?This RESEARCH will ILLUMINATE you..


The following self help , motivational and leadership insight has been adopted from Jim Collins’s book Great by Choice and talks about 10X high performing leaders with Level 5 ambition

“10Xers embrace a paradox of control and non-control. On the one hand, 10Xers understand that they face continuous uncertainty and that they cannot control, and cannot accurately predict, significant aspects of the world around them. On the other hand, 10Xers reject the idea that forces outside their control or chance events will determine their results; they accept full responsibility for their own fate. 10Xers then bring this idea to life by a triad of core behaviors: fanatic discipline, empirical creativity, and productive paranoia. Animating these three core behaviors is a central motivating force, Level 5 ambition.”

Recipe for Level 5 Ambition


Level 5 iconic leaders take the organizations to 10X organizations by virtue of their leadership skills..

Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Great By Choice , listed below is the recipe for Level 5 Ambition which is central to Level 5 leadership for transforming organizations into 10X organizations..

Level 5 Ambition is a combination of extreme personal humility & intense professional will and is captured by the adoption of a SMaC principles where SMaC stands for Specific, Methodical and Consistent.

Three Characteristics of Leaders who exemplify Level 5 ambition


Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Great By Choice , stated below are the three defining characteristics of Level 5 leaders who are indeed Great By Choice..

  1. Productive Paranoia – to keep looking out for UNKNOWNS from time to time
  2. Fanatic Discipline 
  3. Empirical Creativity – Try to have first hand experience before believing facts


“Ambition” for self vs a “Just cause”


All high performing leaders are incredibly ambitious.

What makes their ambition different and in turn helps them rally followers and supporters around them is that their ambition is for a “just cause” not for self.

When followers are shown a futuristic “just cause” for achieving something larger than themselves it can lead to a big impact.This is when followers get viscerally involved to realize something in order to achieve fulfillment in their lives.

Thus when ambition is directly towards the betterment of a company , a just cause it has far reaching impact.

Adopted from Jim Collins’s “Great By Choice” and Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game”