The significance of “Dunbar’s Number” in the age of social media

Understanding Dunbar’s Number “British anthropologist Robin Dunbar theorized that a typical person can’t easily have more than 150 people in his tribe. After 150 friends and fellow citizens we cannot keep track.It is too complicated.” In the modern age of social media where we have virtual friends and connections it is common to have 1000Continue reading “The significance of “Dunbar’s Number” in the age of social media”

Overcoming resistance of the limbic brain

The limbic brain or the lizard brain in human beings is the single biggest resistance towards change. Its inherent tendency is to anticipate fear and stay away from things that bring in a change to the status quo. A linchpin conquers the resistance of the limbic brain and is open to take calculated risks. “ItContinue reading “Overcoming resistance of the limbic brain”