Weak culture vs Strong Culture

“A culture is STRONG when people work with each other , FOR each other. As opposed to this , a culture is WEAK when people work AGAINST each other for themselves” Adopted from Simon Sinek great leadership quotes

How the “limbic brain” creates resistance

The Limbic brain understands only signals and it’s inherent tendency is to resist change. This resistance , the fear of standing out rears its ugly head every time we are on the hook for the sort of work that demands unique creativity Linchpins are the sparse little willing to do this sort of work overcomingContinue reading “How the “limbic brain” creates resistance”

“Mindset” is our only option in the game of life

“In the game of life , we only get one choice. The only choice we get is if we want to play with a finite mindset or an infinite mindset.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game.

A “Linchpin” chooses a right boss

“A linchpin finds a boss who cannot live without a Linchpin. He finds a boss who adequately values his scarcity and contribution and rewards with freedom and respect. A linchpin does the work and makes the difference” Adopted from Seth Godin’s book Linchpin

“Tribe” evolution over the years

Human beings have need for a tribe but the makeup of the tribe has changed forever. Now a tribe consists of our customers or coworkers not only our family, our village or religious groups Adopted from Seth Godin’s book Linchpin