Best quote that typifies the working of human brain


“The MIND can be CONVINCED but the HEART must be WON.”

This is a very famous quote of Simon Sinek adopted from his book Together is Better.

The human rational brain is used for analysis and understands language , rational thought and logic.

But more often that NOT it is the limbic brain that understands only signals , emotion , love , affection that has to be CONVINCED in order to result in CHANGE.

How “Homo Sapiens”stood the test of time?


Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better”.

Right from the caveman times till the modern day , several specific stronger than us have failed to survive the test of time yet we “homo sapiens” or humans have stood the test of time.

The biggest reason for the same is the “Neo Cortex” or rational brain of human beings which gives us the ability to think rationally and helps in problem solving.

Though strength is important , the power of social bonds that help people collaborate with each other , feel safe and vulnerable and hence fight for each other is a unique skill  that has saved us from extinction when several species around us have become extinct.

Very thought provoking insight provided in the book that I felt sharing.

Emotional vs Rational brain arousal


The rational brain or “neo cortex” gives human beings the unique ability to analyze , rationalize & brainstorm , given a problem statement

On the other hand , limbic or emotional brain has been inherited from apes , gives us emotions e.g. feelings of love , affection etc.

To understand the respective arousal , nothing can be more apt than the following saying from Simon Sinek , adopted from the book titled “Together is Better”

Our minds can be convinced but our hearts must be won”