The ill effects of having Performance Goals as the only means to motivate people

Performance goals so common with the carrot and stick approach of motivating employees , may cause systematic problems due to narrowed focus , unethical behavior , increased risk taking , decreased co-operation and decreased intrinsic motivation. Hence before applying these goals in an organization due care must be exercised depending on the job at hand.Continue reading “The ill effects of having Performance Goals as the only means to motivate people”

How to create a work environment with “Intrinsically Motivated” people

The need of the hour is intrinsically motivated Type I people who are adept at doing “right brain” oriented work in the best possible. The following three principles when adopted in a workplace ensures the nurturing of such intrinsically motivated people. Create an environment where people feel good to participate and feel engaged Give peopleContinue reading “How to create a work environment with “Intrinsically Motivated” people”

Conducting an “Autonomy Audit” to get the best out of people

The best and most innovative organizations wherein a lot of stress is on doing “Right Brain” oriented work , giving more autonomy to the people goes a long way in intrinsically motivating the people. The essential questions that form part of an “Autonomy Audit” are as follows: How much AUTONOMY does an employee have overContinue reading “Conducting an “Autonomy Audit” to get the best out of people”

Motivation 3.0 unleashes our natural abilities

Motivation 3.0 the new age motivational operating system , a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive is driven by nurturing intrinsic motivation in human beings. The new age motivational operating system focuses on engagement and learning goals as opposed to compliance and performance goals needed by the carrot and stick method adoptedContinue reading “Motivation 3.0 unleashes our natural abilities”

The three key insights about “Mastery”

Mastery has the following three key components: Mastery is a mindset – Being optimistic about reaching Mastery is a pre-requisite Mastery is a pain and needs a lot of sacrifice via deliberate practice Mastery is asymptotic where the end seems possible to reach but can never be fully attained. Mastery being a key component ofContinue reading “The three key insights about “Mastery””

Why adopting an infinite mindset needs courage?

An infinite mindset is always for the long term letting go short term benefits. Needlessly to say this is not for the faint hearted. Simon Sinek in his book The Infinite Game highlights the long term merits of adopting an infinite mindset. The following quote adopted from the book Infinite Game highlights the same: “BowingContinue reading “Why adopting an infinite mindset needs courage?”

Great Leaderless are Fearless

The following leadership quote from Simon Sinek highlights the fact that great leaders are indeed fearless and lead the way. “LEADERS are the ONES who have the COURAGE to GO FIRST , to put themselves at PERSONAL RISK to OPEN a PATH for OTHERS to FOLLOW.”

Optimism is an unique ability

Great leaders have the unique ability to be OPTIMISTIC to forward their VISION. The following great quote of Simon Sinek , aptly highlights the same “Optimism is the ABILITY to FOCUS on WHERE we are GOING , NOT WHERE we are COMING FROM.”