How Great Leaders motivate followers towards a Just Cause

Visionary infinite minded leaders are driven by a JUST CAUSE or vision for attaining something bigger than themselves. The followers need to understand the JUST CAUSE for them to give their blood , sweat and tear towards the realization of this JUST CAUSE. The most necessary quality in a GREAT LEADER which inspires followers towardsContinue reading “How Great Leaders motivate followers towards a Just Cause”

Of Generosity and Fulfillment

Generosity is defined something selflessly for others without expecting anything in return.This has been proven to cause fulfillment and the flow of the “love hormone” known as “Oxytocin” known to increase immunity. The following wonderful quote of Simon Sinek aptly highlights this very fact and encourages us to exhibit generosity. “What we DO for OTHERSContinue reading “Of Generosity and Fulfillment”

Alone is depressing , together is better

The following quote from Simon Sinek highlights the fact that when alone we are weak but when we shed egos and reach out for help we can do remarkable things together. “To OVERCOME our CHALLENGES all that is required is the COURAGE to ASK for HELP.”

Leadership is not for everyone

The following quote of Simon Sinek aptly highlights the fact that a LEADER is not one because of rank or position.Leadership has to be earned from followers. “A LEADER without a TITLE is BETTER than a title WITHOUT the ability to LEAD.”

Why are “Type A” personalities prone to depression?

Type A personalities always want to stay ahead in the race and win in life. The brutal fact of life that they fail to realize is that the game of life is NOT FINITE.There are no clearly defined metrics in place to decide a winner or loser in the infinite game of life. He whoContinue reading “Why are “Type A” personalities prone to depression?”

What does “Stockdale Paradox” teach us?

The Stockdale Paradox is stated as follows: “Retain faith that you will prevail in the end , regardless of the difficulties AND At the same time confront the most brutal facts of your CURRENT REALITY , whatever they might be.” A great organization or an individual realizes that there would not be good times always.SometimesContinue reading “What does “Stockdale Paradox” teach us?”

The best quote which makes us realize why together is indeed better

The following quote adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Together is Better makes us realize why being Together is indeed Better. “To go FAST go ALONE , to go FAR go TOGETHER.”

The Art of precise “Succession Planning”

An iconic and infinite minded leader who loves his organization is one who does thorough and precise succession planning to ensure that the organization is in good hands even after he/she leaves the organization. In essence the reason the organization exists i.e. the WHY should not be lost when the visionary leader leaves. Nothing summarizesContinue reading “The Art of precise “Succession Planning””

The options we choose in life reveal our intentions

Life is an infinite game where there is nothing like WINNING or LOSING.In the game of life there is only STAYING AHEAD or BEHIND. The only choice that we have in life is to choose to play the INFINITE GAME with either an INFINITE or FINITE mindset. The option that we choose to play theContinue reading “The options we choose in life reveal our intentions”